Great Plains Fellows: Biology

Royce Ballinger Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences UNL Evolutionary ecology, lizards, demography
Thomas Bragg Professor, Biology & Preserves Director UNO Grasslands, plant and fire ecology
Charles Brown Professor, Biological Sciences University of Tulsa Social behavior in vertebrates, cliff swallow
John DeLong Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, Director of the Cedar Point Biological Station UNL Predator-prey ecology, climate adaptation, and eco-evolutionary dynamics
Timothy Dickson Associate Professor, Biology, Turkey Creek Preserve Director UNO Prairie restoration, grasslands, diversity biology, ecology
James Estes Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences UNL Emeritus Director of UNL State Museum
Keith Geluso Professor, Biology UNK Field biology, bats, rats, mammalogy
Mary Harner Associate Professor, Biology & Communications UNK River ecosystems, migratory corridors, watersheds, science education and outreach
Wyatt Hoback Professor, Entomology and Plant Pathology Oklahoma State University Entomology, limnology, biology, plants and animals, conservation
Mary Liz Jameson Associate Professor, Biology Wichita State University

Entomology, biodiversity, conservation, zoology

John Janovy, Jr. Paula & D.B. Varner Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences UNL Protozoology, parasitology
Anthony Joern University Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Biology Kansas State University Insect community ecology, insect/ plant interactions, grasslands
Robert Kaul Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences UNL Plant taxonomy, Great Plains flora
Kathy Keeler Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences UNL Great Plains plants and history, zoology, genetics, plant adaptation
Pamela Steele Kellar Associate Professor, Biology UNO Plant systematics, Great Plains flora, tallgrass prairie, plant biodiversity
Alan Kolok Professor and Director Idaho Water Resources Research Institute Water resources, citizen science, water, public health, environmental epidemiology
John La Duke Professor Emeritus, Dean, Biology, Natural and Social Sciences UNK Natural and social sciences
Svata Louda Charles Bessey Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences UNL Ecology, plant-insect herbivore interactions
Louise Lynch-O'Brien Assistant Professor, Entomology UNL Insect biology, community/citizen science, One Health Extension, informal science education and literacy
John McCarty Professor, Biology; Director, Environmental Studies UNO Grassland birds in agricultural ecosystems
Alicia Mullarkey Director and Education Coordinator Driftless Area Wetlands Centre Nature preserves
Harold Nagel Professor Emeritus, Biology UNK Entomology, soils, botany, ecology
Dustin Ranglack Associate Professor, Biology UNK Large mammal ecology, conservation, and management
Letitia Reichart Professor, Biology UNK Avian biology, molecular ecology, behavioral ecology
Travis Robbins Assistant Professor, Biology UNO Vertebrate adaptations to thermal environments, evolution of social intelligence, epigenetic inheritance
Steven Rothenberger Professoe Emeritus, Biology UNK Plant ecology, taxonomy
Leland Russell Associate Professor, Biological Sciences Wichita State University Plant population ecology, plant-herbivore interactions, savanna dynamics and restoration
Sabrina Russo Professor, Biology UNL Plant ecology and diversity
Julie Savidge Professor, Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Colorado State University Forestry, fisheries, wildlife zoology and ecology, wildland resources
Julie Shaffer Professor, Biology; Co-Chair of Department UNK Invertebrate microbial iteractions
Linda Spessard-Schueth Professor Emeritus, Biology UNK Botany bryology-evaluation of moss species of Nebraska counties
Timothy Seastedt Professor Emeritus, Ecology and Evolutionary Bio University of Colorado at Boulder Terrestrial ecosystems, soil biology, nutrient dynamics, ecosystems, invasive species
Brigitte Tenhumberg Professor, Biological Sciences UNL Plant and insect ecology, life history evolution
Simon Tye Biology University of Arkansas Natural history of Great Plains organisms, ecological catastrophes
Mary Ann Vinton Associate Professor, Biology Creighton University Plant, ecosystem and grassland ecology, invasive plants
James A. Wilson Professor, Biology UNO Zoology, mammalogy, physiological ecology
LaReesa Wolfenbarger Professor & Chair, Biology UNO Effects of agriculture on grassland ecosystems
Melissa Wuellner Associate Professor, Biology UNK Fisheries ecology and management, human dimensions of wildlife and fisheries
Judy Wu-Smart Extension & Research Entomologist UNL Bee Lab leader, pesticide exposure, landscapes, stressors on bee behavior