Great Plains Fellows: Economics and Business

Economics and Business
Sam Albrecht Executive Director Center for Association Leadership Management
Ronald Bowlin Director Emeritus, Kimball Hall UNL Economics
Timothy Burkink Assistant Vice Chancellor for International Affairs, Director, Study Abroad Program UNK Marketing, Food-related consumer behavior
Christopher S. Decker Professor, Economics UNO Environmental and energy economics
Bree Dority Professor, Finance UNK Salary, rural schools, and labor markets
Richard Edwards Professor, CGPS Director, Sr. Vice Chancellor Emeritus UNL Conservation, ecotourism, economics, history, demography
F. Gregory Hayden Professor, Economics UNL Ecological economics, public policy analysis, agricultural policy
Bruce B. Johnson Professor Emeritus, Agricultural Economics UNL Natural resources, environmental economics
Lisi Krall Professor, Economics SUNY-Cortland Ecology, environmental policy, history
Charles Lamphear Karl Nelson Professor Emeritus, Economics UNL Economic theory, history, regional economics, statistics
Craig MacPhee Professor Emeritus, Economics UNL International trade and investment
Ann Mari May Professor Emeritus, Economics UNL Gender and higher education
Charlotte Narjes Rural Prosperity Nebraska Extension Educator UNL Agricultural economics, cooperatives, rural communities
Marilyn Schlake Rural Prosperity Nebraska Extension Educator UNL Community economic development, entrepreneurship, nonprofits, strategic planning
Kim Sosin Professor Emeritus, Economics UNO Macroeconomics, monetary economics, growth
Eric Thompson Karl H. Nelson Associate Professor, Economics; Director, Bureau of Business Research UNL Regional economics