Great Plains Fellows: Natural Resources, Environmental Studies

Natural Resources, Environmental Studies
Mohamed Aboushanab Assistant Geoscientist, School of Natural Resources UNL Geology and hydrogeology with an emphasis on western Nebraska
Adam Ahlers Associate Professor Kansas State University Landscape ecologist interested in how landscape change affects wildlife populations
Craig Allen Professor, Natural Resources UNL Fish and wildlife research, ecosystems resilience
Nico Arcilla President & Research Director International Bird Conservation Partnership Avian ecology, migration, and conservation
Tala Awada Professor, Natural Resources UNL Physiological plant ecologist
Andrea Basche Assistant Professor, Agronomy & Horticulture UNL Soil and water sciences, resource efficiency, soil health
Deborah Bathke Climatologist, National Drought Mitigation Center UNL Climate, drought, atmospheric sciences, geoscience
Tonya Bernadt Education and Outreach Specialist, National Drought Mitigation Center UNL Climate, communication, education, workshops
James Brandle Professor Emeritus, Natural Resources UNL Woody plants in agricultural systems
Nicholas Brozovic Director of Policy, Water for Food Institute UNL Interdisciplinary water policy, economics, agriculture
Mark Burbach Geoscientist, Natural Resources UNL Human behavior and the environment
Amy Burgin Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology University of Kansas Microbial ecology, aquatic ecosystems
John Carroll Director and Professor, School of Natural Resources UNL Wildlife ecology and management, sustainability
Ronald Case Professor Emeritus, Natural Resources UNL Wildlife population, biology, forestry, fisheries
Christopher Chizinski Associate Professor, Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management UNL Texas and Nebraska plains, fisheries, anglers, ecology
Jessica Corman Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources UNL Biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, phosphorus cycling, lake, stream, and river ecosystems
Jenny Dauer Assistant Professor of Practice, School of Natural Resources UNL Science literacy, environmental literacy, disciplinary-based science education research
Kenneth F. Dewey Professor Emeritus, Geography UNL Storm climatology, climate change, drought
Robert Diffendal, Jr. Professor Emeritus, Conservation & Survey, Geology UNL Geology, historical geology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, geomorphology
Betsy Downey Professor Emeritus, History Gonzaga University Environmental studies, Mari Sandoz, Cold War, Yellowstone
Bruce Dvorak Ray Fauss Professor, Civil Engineering UNL Environmental engineering, pollution prevention/environmental sustainability for industry
Aris Efting Lecturer, Biology College of Staten Island Aquatic ecology, climate change and water quality, freshwater quality
Duane Eversoll Professor Emeritus, Natural Resources UNL Environmental engeineering, geology, water resources, mapping
Sue Fairbanks Associate Professor, Natural Resource Ecology and Management Oklahoma State University Wildlife Biology, wildlife and grassland interactions, behavioral ecology
Dennis Ferraro Professor of Practice, Natural Resources UNL Herpetology, Master Naturalist program
Joseph TJ Fontaine Adjunct Faculty, Natural Resources UNL Wildlife ecology, Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Unit
Patricia Freeman Professor Emeritus, Natural Resources UNL Vertebrate biology, human effects on the environment
Kent Fricke Small Game Coordinator Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Wildlife ecology
Sara Gregg Associate Professor, History Indiana University-Bloomington Agricultural production and environmental change
Erin Haacker Assistant Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences UNL Hydrology of the High Plains Aquifer, agricultural water use, modeling the movement of groundwater
Paul Hanson Professor, Natural Resources UNL Evolution of the Platte River system, river response to climate change
Michael Hayes Professor, Natural Resources UNL Drought planning, impacts, vulnerability, climate change
John Heaston Consultant Heaston Consulting Water management, Platte River, anthropology, conservation planning
Ted Hibbeler Tribal Extension Educator UNL Education, Indigenous food sovereignty, economic development, career development, conservation, leadership; Member of the Rosebud Sioux Nation (Sicangu Lakota Oyate) in South Dakota
Kyle C. Hoagland Proessor Emeritus, Natural Resources UNL Toxicity of agricultural chemicals to algae in lakes and streams
Qi Steven Hu Professor, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences UNL Warm season precipitation, atmospheric science, climate
Kenneth G. Hubbard Professor Emeritus, Natural Resources UNL Warming climate impacts, meteorology, soil science
David Jachowski Associate Professor, Wildlife Ecology Clemson University Black-footed ferret, Great Plains animals
Wes Jackson President Emeritus The Land Institute Natural systems agriculture, botany, plant genetics, biology
Matt Joeckel Professor & Senior Associate Director, Natural Resources UNL Sedimentology, stratigraphy
Brennan Jordan Professor, Sustainability and Environment University of South Dakota Volcanology, geodiversity, tourism
Scott Josiah Professor Emeritus, Director Nebraska Forest Service, Natural Resources UNL Forestry, agroforestry, wildland fire
Paul Kay Associate Professor Emeritus, Environment and Resource Studies University of Waterloo Climate change, water resources
Cody Knutson Research Professor, Natural Resources UNL Water resources, environmental geography
Jesse Korus Associate Professor, Natural Resources UNL Groundwater geology, Sedimentology, and Stratigraphy
Dennis Kuhnel Director Hudson-Meng Bison Kill Research & Visitor Center Archaeology, Native American literature, environmental law
Robert Kuzelka Professor Emeritus, Natural Resources UNL Natural resources, water policy and management
Rebecca Lacome Steven Mather Training Department Harper Ferrys Center Biological diversity, natural history of the prairies, Mammoth Cave National Park, folklore
Brent Lathrop Director Emeritus, Southeast Wyoming The Nature Conservancy Community and regional planning, geography
Andrew Little Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources UNL Wildlife ecology and management, precision agriculture, landscape ecology, habitat management
Louise Lynch-O'Brien Assistant Professor, Entomology UNL Insect biology, community/citizen science, One Health Extension, informal science education and literacy
Rezaul Mahmood Director, High Plains Regional Climate Center; Professor, Natural Resources UNL Weather and climate sciences
Leanne Martin Financial Professional Financial Architects Inc. Prairie restoration, plant species diversity, seed, ecology
Gwendŵr Meredith Assistant Professor, Natural Resources UNL Native North Americans, Social-ecological systems
Robert Murphy Wildlife Biologist Eagle Environmental, Inc. Ecology, ornithology, prairie restoration, grassland bird habitat
James Parham Aquatic Biologist & Hydrologist; Director of Research & Development Trutta Environmental Solutions Hawaiian streams and habitats, habitat use, streamfishes, fisheries, Platte River
Gerald Parsons Associate Professor Emeritus, Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication UNL Agricultural leadership, education and communication
Tapan Pathak Specialist in Climate Adaptation in Agriculture University of California, Merced Climate variability, climate change science
Mark Pegg Professor, Natural Resources UNL Fisheries ecologist, acquatic ecosystems
Lisa Pennisi Professor of Practice, Natural Resources UNL Human impacts on natural resources, communicating science, environmental education
Edward Peters Professor Emeritus, School of Natural Resources UNL Fish ecology, fisheries science, natural resources
Jamilynn Poletto Assistant Professor, Natural Resources UNL Fish behavior and physiology, conservation, climate change
Kevin Pope Research Professor & Director, Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research UNL Fishery ecology
Larkin Powell Professor, Natural Resources UNL Conservation biology, wildlife ecology and management
Richard Reading Vice President, Science and Conservation; Adjunct Professor, Biology at University of Denver Butterfly Pavilion Grasslands, Great Plains, Mongolia, Kalahari, Altiplano, conservation biology
Karl J. Reinhard Professor, Natural Resources UNL Forensic scientist, archaeoparasitology
Norman Rosenberg Chief Scientist Emeritus, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Joint Global Change Research Institute Integrated Earth studies, climate, evapotranspiration
Tanya Shenk Research Coordinator, National Park Service UNL Great Plains Cooperative Ecosystems Unit, ecology, conservation biology, endangered species, whooping cranes
Martha Shulski Professor, Natural Resources; Director, Nebraska State Climate Office; State Climatologist UNL Climate variability, change and impacts
Crystal Stiles Adjunct Professor, Natural Resources; Tribal Engagement Coordinator, NIDIS-NOAA-CIRES UNL Climate science, drought management, river basins, geography
Mark Svoboda Director, National Drought Mitigation Center; Climatologist, Natural Resources UNL Water, drought, natural resources, weather, drought early warning
James Swinehart Professor Emeritus, Conservation & Survey UNL Geology, cenozoic geological history of the Great Plains
Tsegaye Tadesse Research Professor, Natural Resources; Geospatial Coordinator, National Drought Mitigation Center UNL Drought monitoring, natural resource management
Stephen Torbit Assistant Regional Director, Science Mountain-Prairie Region, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Wildlife ecology, ruminant nutritional physiology
Judith Turk Assistant Professor, Natural Resources UNL Soil morphology and genesis
Andrew Tyre Professor, Natural Resources UNL Wildlife population, ecology
Natalie Umphlett Regional Climatologist, Natural Resources UNL Meteorology, climatology
David Vail Associate Professor, History UNK History of aerial pesticide application and food production in North American grasslands
Elizabeth VanWormer Associate Professor of Practice, Natural Resources UNL Disease organisms, wildlife habitat, agriculture, nitrates
Matthew Wagner Director, Freedom to Roam project, Northern Great Plains World Wildlife Fund Environmental law, sustainable development law
Steven S. Waller Director Emeritus, Grassland Studies Center UNL Range management
Brian Wardlow Prof., Natural Resources; Director, Center for Advanced Land Management Information Technologies UNL GIS, drought monitoring
David Wedin Professor, Natural Resources UNL Grassland, savanna ecology, carbon/nitrogen cycling
Jeffrey Westrop Assistant Geoscientist, Natural Resources UNL Aqueous geochemistry, biogeochemistry, sedimentology, water quality
Kelly Willemssens Lecturer, School of Natural Resources UNL Ecology, insect physiology, and animal behavior
William Whitney Former Executive Director Prairie Plains Research Institute Prairie restoration, botany, plant ecology, biology, McConaughy Resevoir
Donald A. Wilhite Professor Emeritus, Natural Resources UNL Drought preparedness, mitigation, policy
Judy Wu-Smart Extension & Research Entomologist UNL Bee Lab leader, pesticide exposure, landscapes, stressors on bee behavior
Gary Zoubek Emeritus Extension Educator, Nebraska Extension UNL Irrigated agriculture, water management