Great Plains Fellows: Political Science

John Anderson Professor Emeritus, Political Science UNK Social capital, rural communities, political discourse, Nebraska
Will Avilés Professor, Political Science UNK Comparative Politics, Latin American Politics
Joan Blauwkamp Professor, Political Science UNK Political rhetoric in popular culture, public policy debates
John Comer Professor Emeritus, Political Science UNL Public administration, policy, political behavior, U.S. politics
John Gaber Department Chair, City Planning and Real Estate Development Clemson University Urban planning, community economic development, social planning
Craig Grau Assoc. Professor Emeritus, Political Science University of Minnesota-Duluth American government and politics, political parties
John Hibbing Professor, Political Science UNL Political psychology, biology and politics
Christian Janousek Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations Creighton University

Political culture and institutions, governance, state and local government, public policy

James Johnson Professor Emeritus, Political Science UNO American politics, Nebraska government political behavior
Peter Longo Professor, Political Science, Editor, Great Plains Research UNK Public policy, constitutional law
Satoshi Machida Professor, Political Science UNK Comparative politics and international relations
Christie Maloyed Associate Professor, Political Science University of Louisiana at Lafayette Political theory
Orville Menard Professor Emeritus, Political Science UNO Political science
Sarah Michaels Professor, Political Science UNL Water resources policy and governance
John G. Peters Professor Emeritus, Political Science, University President Northern Illinois University American governent, public issues, public policy analysis
Deborah Popper Professor Emeritus, Earth and Environmental Sciences; Visiting Professor at High Meadows Environmental Institute CUNY-College of Staten Island Environmental pressure and population loss, ecological restoration, Buffalo Commons
Robert Sitting Professor Emeritus, Political Science UNL Political science
Elizabeth Theiss-Morse Willa Cather Professor, Political Science UNL Public opinion concerning democracy and civil liberties