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Thought-provoking radio essays about the rich, unique and varied cultures and poeople of the Great Plains as revealed in some of the greatest books about the region.

More information, as well as streaming audio of the entire radio series, is available from NET Radio, Nebraska's NPR Station.

Funding for the series was provided in part by: The Cooper Foundation, TierOne Charitable Foundation, Woods Charitable Fund, The Jim and Elaine Wolf Foundations

500+ books to help you feel at home in the Heart of America

  • North Dakota Book List
    Compiled by David Martinson, Lecturer in English, and Thomas Isern, Professor of History, North Dakota State University.

  • South Dakota Book List
    Compiled and updated by Charles Woodard, Distinguished Professor of English, South Dakota State University

  • Nebraska Book List
    Compiled by Michael Tate, Professor of History and Native American Studies, University of Nebraska-Omaha, and updated by Thomas Lynch, Professor of English, and Margaret Jacobs, Professor of History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

  • Kansas Book List
    Compiled by Tom Averill, Associate Professor of English, Washburn University, and Amy Fleury, Assistant Professor of English, Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas. Updated by Jim Hoy, Professor of English, Emporia State University, Kansas.

  • Oklahoma Book List
    Compiled by Danney G. Goble, Professor of Classics, University of Oklahoma, and updated by Brad D. Lookingbill, Professor of History, Columbia College, Missouri.

Periodically, the Alliance staff will update the list with new books, always retaining an accessible archive of past titles. Recommendations of new titles might come from the state editors, Alliance partners, or viewers of the site, but state editors and Alliance staff will make the final determination of books to be included.

Consulting Editor: Ted Kooser, Poet Department of English, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress

Sturgis        Sturgis link

 Sturgis: The Story of the Rally
 Edeburn, Carl
The Platte        The Platte link

 The Platte: Channels in Time
 Johnsgard, Paul A.
Backyard Visionaries        Backyard Visionaries link

 Backyard Visionaries: Grassroots Art
 in the Midwest

 Brackman, Barbara, and Cathy Dwiggins
Route 66        Route 66 link

 The Route 66 Cookbook
 Clark, Marian. INtroduction by Michael Wallis
Rachel Calof's Story        Calof's Story link

 Rachel Calof's Story:
 Jewish Homesteader on the Northern Plains

 Rikoon, J. Sanford, Editor
Sex in the Heartland        Sex in the Heartland Link

 Sex in the Heartland
 Bailey, Beth
Lakota Star Knowledge        Lakota link

 Lakota Star Knowledge: Studies in Lakota
 Stellar Theology

 Goodman, Ronald
Shingling the Fog        Plains Lies link

 Shingling the Fog and Other Plains Lies
 Welsch, Roger L.
Riot and Remembrance        Riot link

 Riot and Remembrance: The Tulsa Race War
 and Its Legacy

 Hirsch, James S.
Miss Peggy Lee        Lee link

 Miss Peggy Lee: An Autobiography
 Lee, Peggy

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