GPR Volume 1

FEBRUARY 1991 VOL. 1/NO. 1


The Geological Record of Wind Erosion, Eolian Deposition, and Aridity on the Southern High Plains Vance T. Holliday 6

    Key Words: wind erosion, aridity, eolian deposition, Southern High Plains

Drought and Precipitation Fluctuations in the Great Plains During the late Nineteenth Century Cary J. Mock 26

    Key Words: drought, precipitation fluctuations

Relationships Between 700 mb Circulation Variations and Great Plains Climate Daniel J. Leathers 58

    Key Words: 700 mb, circulation variations

Hydroclimatic Variability on the Great Plains Michael J. Keables 77

    Key Words: hydroclimatiac variability

Snow Cover Variability on the Northern and Central Great Plains David A. Robinson and Marilyn G. Hughes 93

    Key Words: snow cover variability

Drought Experience and Perception of Climatic Change among Great Plains Farmers David M. Diggs 114

    Key Words: climatic change

Sustainability of the Great Plains in an Uncertain Climate William E. Riebsame 133

    Key Words: sustainability

Lowering Real Interest Rates Could Slow Global Warming Craig S. Marxsen 152

    Key Words: real interest rates


35th Annual Midwest Groundwater Conference 168


Damming the Colorado: The Rise of the Lower Colorado River Authority, 1933-1939 by John R. Adams, Jr., reviewed by F. Andrew Schoolmaster 171

The Sociology of U.S. Agriculture: An Ecological Perspective by Don E. Albrecht and Steve H. Murdock, reviewed by Keith D. Parker 172

Fire in North American Tallgrass Prairies by Scott L. Collins and Linda L. Wallace, reviewed by Jane H. Bock 173

Transportation Service to Small Rural Communities: Effects of Deregulation by John F. Due, Benjamin J. Allen, Mary R. Kihl, and Michael R. Crumm, reviewed by L. Orlo Sorenson 174

Agricultural Bioethics: Implications of Agricultural Biotechnology by Steven M. Gendel, A. David Kline, D. Michael Warren, and Faye Yates reviewed by Vernon W. Ruttan 175

The Struggle for the Land. Indigenous Insight and Industrial Empire in the Semiarid World by Paul A. Olson, reviewed by Adolph M. Greenberg 177

Atlas of American Indian Affairs by Francis Paul Prucha, reviewed by David J. Wishart 179

Watering the Valley: Development Along the High Plains Arkansas River, 1870-1950 by James Earl Sherow, reviewed by James R. Shortridge 180

The Cherokees: A Population History by Russell Thornton, reviewed by Henry F. Dobyns 182

Northern Prairie Wetlands by Arnold van der Valk, reviewed by Richard A. Gersib 183

Colorado Flora: Eastern Slope by William A. Weber, reviewed by Robert B. Kaul 184


AUGUST 1991 VOL. 1/NO. 2


The Rural-Urban Continuum and Environmental Concerns J. Allen Williams, Jr. and Helen A. Moore 195

    Key Words: rural-urban

Farm Women's Labor Contributions to Agricultural Operations Audie Blevins and Katherine Jensen 215

    Key Words: farm women's labor

Frontier Flintlocks: A Fault Tree Analysis of Firearm Use at Contact Period Sites of the Great Plains Peter Bleed and Daniel Watson 233

    Key Words: frontier flintlocks, firearm use

The Lucanidae and Passalidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) of Nebraska Brett C. Ratcliffe 249

    Key Words: Passalidae, Coleoptera

Global Change in the High Plains of North America J. H. Bock, W. D. Bowman, and C. E. Bock 283

    Key Words: global change, High Plains

Observed Variations in Great Plains Seasonal Temperatures During the Past Century Nolan J. Doesken and Thomas B. McKee 302

    Key Words: seasonal temperatures

Economic Development Programs in the Great Plains: The Example of Nebraska Michael Broadway 324

    Key Words: economic development programs


Assoc. of American Geographers, Great Plains-Rocky Mt. Division 345


Harry Kirke Wolfe: Pioneer in Psychology by Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr., reviewed by Daniel J. Bernstein 347

Groundwater Levels in Nebraska, 1989 by Michael J. Ellis, Gregory V. Steels, and Perry B. Wigley, reviewed by M. Stanley Dart 348

Sustainable Agriculture in Temperate Zones by Charles A. Francis, Cornelia Butler Flora, and Larry D. King, reviewed by David R. Lighthall 349

The Medicine Men: Oglala Sioux Ceremony and Healing by Thomas H. Lewis, reviewed by Elizabeth Grobsmith 351

The Wild Oat Inflorescence and Seed: Anatomy, Development and Morphology by M. V. S. Raju, reviewed by David M. Sutherland 353

Harvest of Opportunity: New Horizon for Farm Women by Lois L. Ross, reviewed by Katherine Jensen 354

The Middle West: Its Meaning in American Culture by James R. Shortridge, reviewed by John Fraser Hart 356

The Political Economy of Manitoba edited by Jim Silver and Jeremy Hull, reviewed by Ralph F. Harris 357

Farming the System: How Politicians and Producers Shape Canadian Agricultural Policy by Barry K Wilson, reviewed by George E. Lee 359

INDEX, 363