GPR Volume 2

FEBRUARY 1992 VOL. 2/NO. 1


The Latent Influence of Equity in Wyoming v. Colorado (1922) James E. Sherow 7

    Key Words: Wyoming v. Colorado, Texas

Hydrology and Texas Water Law:. . . A Logician's Nightmare Otis W. Templer 27

    Key Words: water law

Native Americans, the Courts and Water Policy: Is Nothing Sacred? Peter J. Longo and Christiana E. Miewald 51

    Key Words: courts, water policy

Law Careers and Community Context: A Comparison of Rural and Urban Experience Donald D. Landon 67

    Key Words: law careers

Economic and Environmental Futures of the Black Hills: A Delphi Technique Study Russell Stubbles 97

    Key Words: Black Hills


Tenth Great Plains Wildlife Damage Control Workshop 109

Colloquium on Sustainable Housing and Urban Development 113


Twenty-eighth Annual Alberta Soil Science Workshop Proceedings edited by D. R. Bennett, reviewed by David T. Lewis 117

American Indian Water Rights and the Limits of Law by Lloyd Burton, reviewed by Richard B. Collins 118

Reptiles and Amphibians of the Cimarron National Grasslands Morton County, Kansas by Joseph T. Collins and Suzanne L. Collins, reviewed by Royce E. Ballinger 120

Free Trade on the Prairies: The Implications of Canada-U.S. Trade Pact for the Three Prairie Provinces by Steve Dorey, reviewed by Bashir A. Qasmi 122

Women in Veterinary Medicine: Profiles of Success by Sue Drum and H. Ellen Whiteley, reviewed by Polly Schoning 124

Points in Time: Structure and Event in a Late Northern Plains Hunting Society by Philip Duke, reviewed by W. Raymond Wood 126

Co-operatives and Community Development: Economics in Social Perspective by Brett Fairbairn, June Bold, Murray Fulton, Lou Hammond Ketilson, and Daniel Ish, reviewed by Sharon Lord Gaber 127

Multiple Job-holding Among Farm Families by M. C. Hallberg, Jill L. Findeis, and Daniel A. Lass, reviewed by Audie Blevins 129

The Wright Space: Patterns and Meaning in Frank Lloyd Wright's Houses by Grant Hildebrand, reviewed by David Seamon 131

Crane Music: A Natural History of American Cranes by Paul A. Johnsgard, reviewed by Amy L. Richert 134

Colorado 's Government: Structure, Politics, Administration and Policy by Robert Stuart Lorch, reviewed by Robert Sittig 136

Strength in Adversity: A Study of the Alberta Economy by Robert L. Mansell and Michael B. Percy, reviewed byWilliam Watson 137

Agricultural Policy Reform: Politics and Process in the EC and USA by H. Wayne Moyer and Timothy E. Josling, reviewed by James G. Kendrik 139

The Government and Politics of the Alberta Métis Settlements by T. C. Pocklington, reviewed by K. P. Binda 141

The Scarab Beetles of Nebraska by Brett C. Ratcliffe, reviewed William B. Warner 143

Nebraska Residents' Perceptions of the State's Water Quality by S. Kay Rockwell, Ann Ziebarth, DeLynn R. Hay, and Shirley M. Niemeyer, reviewed by J. Allen Williams, Jr. 144

Politics and Public Policy in the Contemporary American West edited by Clive S. Thomas, reviewed by Peter Longo 146

At Odds with Progress by Bret Wallach, reviewed by William E. Riebsame 147

The American West: A Narrative Bibliography and a Study in Regionalism by Charles Wilkinson, reviewed by Kenneth A. Erickson 149


AUGUST 1991 VOL. 2/NO. 2


A Daring Proposal for Dealing with an Inevitable Disaster? A Review of the Buffalo Commons Proposal Karen De Bres and Mark Guizlo 165

    Key Words: Buffalo Commons

Population Change in the High Plains Ogallala Region: 1980-1990 Stephen E. White 179

    Key Words: High Plains Ogallala, population change

The Popper Proposals for the Great Plains: A View from the Canadian Prairies Alec H. Paul 199

    Key Words: Popper proposals

Landscape Ecology of Hedgerows and Fencerows in Panama township, Lancaster County, Nebraska Richard Sutton 223

    Key Words: landscape ecology, hedgerows

A Chromosome Study of Blue Grama (Bouteloua gracilis) in Northern Colorado T. Tsuchiya, W. McGinnies and A. Shahla 255

    Key Words: Blue Grama

Withholding Payment on Otoe-Missouria Reservation Lands Daniel W. Overton 263

    Key Words: Oto-Missouri Reservation

Career Differentiation: The Legal Community in Lincoln, Nebraska,1880-1891 Andrew Koszewski 281

    Key Words: legal community


Sociobiology and the Social Sciences edited by Robert W. Bell and Nancy J. Bell, reviewed by David R. Johnson 301

Nature's Heartland: Native Plant Communities of the Great Plains by William Boon and Harlen Groe, reviewed by John W. Wyckoff and Ann M. Wyckoff 302

Aquatic Invertebrates of Alberta by Hugh F. Clifford, reviewed by Paul B. Kannowski 304

Contemporary Federal Policy Toward American Indians by Emma R. Gross, edited by Beth R. Ritter 305

Gaining Access: Congress and the Farm Lobby, 1919-1981 by John Mark Hansen, reviewed by Jim Kendrick 308

Eyewitness at Wounded Knee by Richard E. Jensen, R. Eli Paul, and John E. Carter, reviewed by Michael L. Tate 309

Canadian Agricultural Trade-Disputes, Actions and Prospects edited by G. Lermer and K. K. Klein, reviewed by Michael Troughton 310

Drought and Natural Resources Management in the United States: Impacts and Implications of the 1987-89 Drought by William E. Riebsame, Stanley A. Changnon, Jr., and Thomas R. Karl, reviewed by Steven J. Meyer 312

The Bats of Texas by David J. Schmidley, reviewed by Patricia W. Freeman 313

An Ecological History of Agriculture, 10,000 B.C. - A.D. 10,000 by Daniel E. Vasey, reviewed by.Donald M. Edwards 315

Cheyenne Bottoms: Wetland in Jeopardy by John L. Zimmerman, reviewed by John Janovy, Jr. 317

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