GPR Volume 20

SPRING 2010 VOL. 20/NO. 1

Saving the World’s Grasslands: An Introduction Richard Edwards and Richard P. Reading, Guest Editors 5

Global Trends in Private Protected Areas and Their Implications for the Northern Great Plains Jeff Langholz 9

     Key Words: ecotourism, Northern Great Plains, private protected areas

Lessons Learned from Biodiversity Conservation in the Private Lands of Laikipia, Kenya Siva R. Sundaresan and Corinna Riginos 17

     Key Words: Africa, conservation, savanna, tourism, wildlife ranches

Conservation and Economic Lessons Learned from Managing the NamibRand Nature Reserve Nils Odendaal and Danica Shaw 29

     Key Words: biodiversity conservation, Namibia, NamibRand, nature reserve, sustainable ecotourism

Cattle Ranching and Biodiversity Conservation as Allies in South America’s Flooded Savannas Almira Hoogesteijn and Rafael Hoogesteijn 37

     Key Words: cattle ranching, Neotropical savannas, tourism, wildlife conservation

The Role of Conservation Research and Education Centers in Growing Nature-Based Tourism Richard Edwards and Eric Thompson 51

     Key Words: cheetah, conservation, economic impact, ecotourism, education center, research center, Rowe, whooping crane

Proposed Standards and Guidelines for Private Nature Reserves in the Northern Great Plains Curtis Freese, Dawn Montanye, and Steve Forrest 71

     Key Words: biodiversity, guidelines, Northern Great Plains, private nature reserves, protected areas, standards

Conserving Mongolia’s Grasslands, with Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons for North America’s Great Plains Richard P. Reading, Don Bedunah, and Sukh Amgalanbaatar 85

     Key Words: conservation, Mongolia, nature-based tourism, pastoralism, rangelands, wildlife

The Role of Ecotourism in Biodiversity and Grassland Conservation in Botswana Glyn Maude and Richard P. Reading 109

     Key Words: ecotourism, cultural, biodiversity, grassland, Botswana, Kalahari

Toward a Strategy for the Conservation and Protection of the World’s Temperate Grasslands William D. Henwood 121

     Key Words: biodiversity, conservation, grasslands, protection, sustainable use, temperate



Rewilding the West: Restoration in a Prairie Landscape by Richard Manning, reviewed by Mace Hack 135

Lost Tracks: Buffalo National Park 1909-1939 by Jennifer Brower, reviewed by Alan MacEachern 135

Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration: Five Case Studies from the United States by Mary Doyle, and Cynthia A. Drew, eds., reviewed by Rich Walters 136

Colorado Water Law for Non-Lawyers by Andrew P. Jones and Tom Cech, reviewed by Glenn Patterson 137

Cranes: A Natural History of a Bird in Crisis by Janice M. Hughes, reviewed by Paul A. Johnsgard 137

Prairie Dogs: Communication and Community in an Animal Society by C.N. Slobodchikoff, Bianca S. Perla, and Jennifer L. Verdolin, reviewed by Daniel T. Blumstein 138

Remarkable Plants of Texas: Uncommon Accounts of Our Common Natives by Matt Warnock Turner, reviewed by Jackie M. Poole 138

James Lovelock: In Search of Gaia by John Gribbin and Mary Gribbin, reviewed by R.F. Diffendal, Jr. 139

Ancient Nomads of the Eurasian and North American Grasslands by Elena Ponomarenko and Ian Dyck, reviewed by Daniel J. Wescott 140

Skeletal Biology and Bioarchaeology of the Northwestern Plains by George W. Gill and Rick L. Weathermon, eds., Foreword by William M. Bass, reviewed by W. Raymond Wood 140

Thunder and Herds: Rock Art of the High Plains by Lawrence L. Loendorf, reviewed by Linea Sundstrom 141

Kiowa Ethnogeography by William C. Meadows, reviewed by Michael P. Jordan 141

One Hundred Summers: A Kiowa Calendar Record by Candace S. Greene, Foreword by Ellen Censky, reviewed by Phillip Earenfight 142

Spirited Encounters: American Indians Protest Museum Policies and Practices by Karen Coody Cooper, reviewed by Majel Boxer 143

Protection of First Nations Cultural Heritage: Laws, Policy, and Reform by Catherine Bell and Robert K. Paterson, eds., reviewed by Katherine Pettipas 144

Healing Traditions: The Mental Health of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada  by Laurence J. Kirmayer and Gail Guthrie Valaskakis, eds., reviewed by Peter Menzies 145

The Politics of Official Apologies by Melissa Nobles, reviewed by Rebecca Tsosie 145

Silent Victims: Hate Crimes Against Native Americans by Barbara Perry, reviewed by Beth R. Ritter 146

Lipset’s Agrarian Socialism: A Re-examination by David E. Smith, ed., reviewed by Jim Mochoruk 147

The Grace Abbott Reader by John Sorensen, ed., with Judith Sealander, reviewed by Sonya Michel 148

North for the Harvest: Mexican Workers, Growers, and the Sugar Beet Industry by Jim Norris, reviewed by Maria S. Arbelaez 149

Strengths and Challenges of New Immigrant Families: Implications for Research, Education, Policy, and Service by Rochelle L. Dalla, John DeFrain, Julie Johnson, and Douglas A. Abbott, eds., reviewed by Katherine Fennelly 150

Transplanting the Great Society: Lyndon Johnson and Food for Peace by Kristin L. Ahlberg, reviewed by R. Douglas Hurt 151

Health Care in Saskatchewan: An Analytical Profile by Gregory Marchildon and Kevin O’Fee, reviewed by Kelly Chessie 151

The Power of the Texas Governor: Connally to Bush by Brian McCall, Foreword by William P. Hobby, Jr., reviewed by Sean P Cunningham 152

FALL 2010 VOL. 20/NO. 2

Ranching and State School Land in Cimarron County, Oklahoma Jacqueline Vadjunec and Rebecca Sheehan 163

    Key Words: land tenure change, Oklahoma Panhandle, Political ecology, ranching, school trust land

Determinants of Net Migration in Montana Evelyn D. Ravuri 179

    Key Words: amenities, internal migration, Montana, population change

A Text of Personal Characteristics that Influence Farmers’ Pro-Environmental Behaviors Courtney E. Quinn and Mark E. Burbach 193

    Key Words: conservation practices, environmental attitude, moral reasoning, motivation, pro-environmental behaviors, surface water quality

GIS Spatial Analysis of University of Nebraska at Kearney Alumni Cohorts, 1930–2004 Paul R. Burger and Brett R. Chloupek 205

    Key Words: cluster analysis, GIS, migration, university alumni, Nebraska

The Really Good Buffalo Concept Test for “Values Added” Bison Diane Rickerl, Tim Nichols, and Carol Cumber 215

    Key Words: Native American Indian values, bison, niche market

Livestock Responses to Complementary Forages in Shortgrass Steppe Justin D. Derner and Richard H. Hart 223

    Key Words: average daily gains, beef production, crested wheatgrass, forage gaps, livestock production systems, Russian wildrye, stocking rate

A Soil Water Climatology for Kansas Michael J. Keables and Shitij Mehta 229

    Key Words: climatic water balance, Great Plains, hydroclimatology, Kansas, soil water

Evaluating a Hybrid Soil Temperature Model in a Corn-Soybean Agroecosystem and a Tallgrass Prairie in the Great Plains Song Feng, F. Salvagiotti, M.R. Schmer, A.B. Wingeyer, and A. Weiss 249

    Key Words: corn-soybean rotation, litter, no-tillage, simulation, soil temperature, tallgrass prairie



Great Plains: America’s Lingering Wild by Michael Forsberg, foreword by Ted Kooser, chapter introductions by David Wishart, essays by Dan O’Brien, reviewed by Joe C. Truett 261

A Kansas Year by Mike Blair, reviewed by Donald W. Kaufman 261

Weather Matters: An American Cultural History since 1900 by Bernard Mergen, reviewed by Donna L. Woudenberg 262

Insects of Texas: A Practical Guide by David H. Kattes, reviewed by Christopher J. Durden 262

First Peoples in a New World: Colonizing Ice Age America by David J. Meltzer, reviewed by Susan C. Vehik 263

Contesting Knowledge: Museums and Indigenous Perspectives edited by Susan Sleeper-Smith, reviewed by Karen Coody Cooper 264

The American Indian Oral history Manual: Making Many Voices Heard by Charles E. Trimble, Barbara W. Sommer, and Mary Kay Quinlan, reviewed by Susan D. Penfield 264

Unearthing Indian Land: Living with the Legacies of Allotment by Kristin T. Ruppel, reviewed by Elizabeth James 265

Native Peoples and Water Rights: Irrigation, Dams and the Law in Western Canada by Kenichi Matsui, reviewed by Oliver W. MacLaren 266

Native Activism in Cold War America: The Struggle for Sovereignty by Daniel M. Cobb, reviewed by Daniele Bolelli 266

Criminal Justice in Native America edited by Marianne O. Nielsen and Robert A. Silverman, reviewed by Jill E. Martin 267

Identity Captured by Law: Membership in Canada’s Indigenous Peoples and Linguistic Minorities by Sébastien Grammond, reviewed by Patrick Macklem 268

Native American Language Ideologies: Beliefs, Practices, and Struggles in Indian Country edited by Paul V. Kroskrity and Margaret C. Field, reviewed by William F. Weigel 268

Let’s Speak Chickasaw: Chikashshanompa´ Kilanompoli´ by Pamela Munro and Catherine Wilmond, reviewed by Joshua D. Hinson 269

The Nation’s Largest Landlord: The Bureau of Land Management in the American West by James R. Skillen, reviewed by Clare Ginger 270

Perspectives of Saskatchewan edited by Jene M. Porter, reviewed by J. William Brennan 270

Heavy Burdens on Small Shoulders: The Labour of Pioneer Children on the Canadian Prairies by Sandra Rollings-Magnusson, reivewed by Bob Barnetson 271

Retiring the Crow Rate: A Narrative of Political Management by Arthur Kroeger, reviewed by Gary Storey 272

Just One Vote: From Jim Walding’s Nomination to Constitutional Defeat by Ian Stewart, reviewed by James A. McAllister 272