GPR Volume 5

FEBRUARY 1995 VOL. 5/NO. 1

A Note from the Director John Wunder 3


Water Regulation Decisions in Central Kansas Affecting Cheyenne Bottoms Wetland and Neighboring Farmers Leslie Aileen Duram 5

    Key Words: water regulation decisions

Northern Great Plains Manufacturers: Assistance Needs and Potential EconomicContributions F. Larry Leistritz 21

    Key Words: manufactureres

Changing Employment Patterns on the Northern and Central Great Plains Richard E. Lonsdale and J. Clark Archer 47

    Key Words: employment patterns, Central Great Plains

The Nutritional Impacts of European Contact on the Omaha: A Continuing Legacy Christiana E. Miewald 71

    Key Words: nutritional impacts

Drought Evolution Patterns in the U.S.A. During Great Plains-Centered Droughts Peter T. Soulé 115

    Key Words: drought evolution

Hydroclimatic Perspectives on Waterfowl Production in the North Dakota Prairie Pothole Region Paul Todhunter 137

    Key Words: waterfowl production


The Metropolitan Frontier: Cities in the Modern American West by Carl Abbott, reviewed by Eugene P. Moehring 163

Lost Harvests: Prairie Indian Reserve Farmers and Government Policy by Sarah Carter, reviewed by Todd Kerstetter 164

Community Development Strategies on the Northern Plains by Kevin A. Choy and Richard C. Rounds, reviewed by Joseph Luther 166

Federal Land, Western Anger: The Sagebrush Rebellion and Environmental Politics by R. McGreggor Cawley, reviewed by Francis Moul 168

Meant To Be Wild: The Struggle to Save Endangered Species Through Captive Breeding by Jan DeBlieu, reviewed by William C. Scharf 169

Buffalo edited by John Foster, Dick Harrison, and I. S. MacLaren, reviewed by Alan Osborne 171

Fort Union Fur Trade Symposium Proceedings, September 13-15, 1990 by Friends of Fort Union Trading Post, reviewed by Laurie A. Milne 173

Watching Kansas Wildlife: A Guide to 101 Sites by Bob Gress and George Potts, reviewed by Ronald M. Case174

Policy for American Agriculture: Choices and Consequences E. by M. C. Hallberg, reviewed by Wesley F. Peterson 176

Colorado: The Place of Nature, The Nature of Place by Thomas P. Huber.A, reviewed by David Hill 177

American Agriculture: A Brief History by R. Douglas Hurt, reviewed by John Fraser Hart 178

On Turner's Trail: 100 Years of Writing Western History by Wilbur R. Jacobs, reviewed by Mark A. Eifler 179

Turning on Water With a Shovel: The Career of Elwood Mead by James R. Kluger, reviewed by James W. Hewitt 181

Trials and Triumphs: A Colorado Portrait of the Great Depression with FSA Photographs by Stephen J. Leonard, reviewed by Liston E. Leyendecker 182

Forgotten Places: Uneven Development in Rural America edited by Thomas A. Lyson and William W. Falk, reviewed by Karen Morin 184

Flooding the Courtrooms: Law and Water in the Far West by M. Catherine Miller, reviewed by Linda S. Parker 185

The Fishes of Alberta (2nd edition) by Joseph S. Nelson and Martin J. Paetz, reviewed by R. A. Bodaly 187

Ogallala: Water for a Dry Land by John Opie, reviewed by Stephen E. White 188

Prairie Populism: The Fate of Agrarian Radicalism in Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa, 1880-1892 by Jeffrey Ostler, reviewed by Robert W. Cherny 190

Confronting Sexual Assault: A Decade of Legal and Social Change edited by Julian V. Roberts and Renate M. Mohr, reviewed by Cynthia E. Willis 192

Restructuring Rural Saskatchewan: The Challenge of the 1990s by Jack C. Stabler and M. R. Olfert, reviewed by James Knotwell 194

Not Room Enough: Mexicans, Anglos and Socioeconomic Change in Texas, 1850-1900 by Kenneth L. Stewart and Arnoldo De Leon, reviewed by F. Arturo Rosales 196

Farms, Mines, and Main Streets: Uneven Development in a Dakota County by Caroline S. Tauxe, reviewed by David B. Danbom 197

Wagon Wheel Kitchens: Food on the Oregon Trail by Jacqueline Williams, reviewed by Betsy Downey l99


FALL 1995 VOL. 5/NO. 2


Nebraska Quilts, 1870-1989: Perspectives on Traditions and Change Patricia Cox Crews and Wendelin Rich 211

    Key Words: quilts

What Kind of Woman Would Work in Meatpacking, Anyway? World War II and the Road to Fair Employment Deborah Fink 241

    Key Words: woman, meatpacking

Secondary School Curriculum Change in Rural Nebraska Erwin Goldenstein and L. James Walter 263

    Key Words: secondary school curriculum change

Multivariate Analysis of Quality of Life and Migration in North Dakota Mohammad Hemmasi 283

    Key Words: quality of life, North Dakota

Using Soils to Delineate South Dakota Physiographic Regions Rex R. Johnson, Kenneth F. Higgins, and Daniel E. Hubbard 309

    Key Words: soils, physiographic regions, South Dakota

River Protection in Texas: Up a Creek Without a Policy Michelle S. Pettit and F. Andrew Schoolmaster 323

    Key Words: river protection, Texas


This Fragile Land: A Natural History of the Nebraska Sandhills by Paul A. Johnsgard, reviewed by Paul G. Risser 353

Restoring Prairie Wetlands: An Ecological Approach by Susan M. Galatowitsch and Arnold G. van der Valk, reviewed by John Ortmann and James Stubbendieck 354

Indian Water in the New West edited by Thomas R. McGuire, William B. Lord, and Mary G. Wallace, reviewed by Otis W. Templer 355

Braid of Feathers: American Indian Law and Contemporary Tribal Life by Frank Pommersheim, reviewed by Erin Hogan Fouberg 357

Aboriginal Peoples in Urban Centres: Report of the National Round Table on Aboriginal Urban Issues by Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, reviewed by Russel Lawrence Barsh 359

Aboriginal Peoples and the Justice System: Report of the National Round Table on Aboriginal Justice Issues by Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, reviewed by Russel Lawrence Barsh 359

Lakota and Cheyenne: Indian Views of the Great Sioux War, 1876-1877 edited by Jerome A. Greene, reviewed by William Bridges 363

Apache Mothers and Daughters: Four Generations of a Family by Ruth McDonald Boyer and Narcissus Duffy Gayton, reviewed by Beth R. Ritter 364

Skeletal Biology in the Great Plains: Migration, Warfare, Health and Subsistence edited by Douglas W. Owsley and Richard L. Jantz, reviewed by LuAnn Wandsnider 366

Accidental Archaeologist: Memoirs of Jesse D. Jennings by Jesse D. Jennings. Foreword by C. Melvin Aikens, reviewed by Ralph J. Hartley 367

From Columbus to ConAgra: The Globalization of Agriculture and Food edited by Allessandro Bonanno, Lawrence Busch, William Frieland, Lourdes Gouveia, and Enzo Mingione, reviewed by R. Douglas Hurt 369

Meatpackers and Beef Barons: Company Town in a Global Economy by Carol Andreas, reviewed by Laura Lacasa 370

Economic Adaptation: Alternatives for Nonmetropolitan Areas edited by David L. Barkley, reviewed by Richard L. Meile 372

Interest Group Politics in the Midwestern States edited by Ronald J. Hrebenar and Clive S. Thomas, reviewed by Russell Ross 373

Alberta's Local Governments: Politics and Democracy by Jack Masson with Edward C. LeSage, Jr., reviewed by Louis A. Knafla 374

Roadside History of South Dakota by Linda Hasselstrom, reviewed by Darrell Napton 376

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