PSR Volumes VI - X

Volume X, 2008

  • Edited by Katie Sisneros

    Tiger Beetle Joel Sartore 4

    A Tiger Beetle and the Rest of the World: A Conversation with Joel Sartore
    by Katie Sisneros 5

    Typewriter Delphine Bedient 10
    Into Your Hands, Or the Real Reason Why I Write Fred MacVaugh 11
    Strawberries Marilyn Dorf 12
    Untitled (#1) Jessica Northup 13
    Portrait Sunshine Dempsey 14
    Adoption Anne Fitzgerald 15
    Rain Deborah T. McGinn 16
    Windmill, 8.9.2007 Derrick Burbul 18
    The Land Remembers Marilyn Dorf 20
    Failing the Bible Diet, Maude Hits the Kentucky Bourbon Amy Plettner 21
    Western Brian Merriman 22
    With the confusion of distance, of distances: an unexpected listening Rex Walton 23
    Sod House near Windlass Hill, 8.6.2007 Derrick Burbul 24
    Adrian, North Dakota, 1900 Red Shuttleworth 25
    Cowboy Rest Stop Kendal Garrison 26
    Violets Deb Walz 27
    Let's Run Away Natalie Schwarz 28
    A poem for a child Fred MacVaugh 29
    Chair Delphine Bedient 30
    Untitled (#2) Jessica Northup 31
    The Ladies of Keno Theresa Swanson 32
    Untitled (#3) Jessica Northup 36
    Intersection U.S. Highway 285 and Nebraska State Highway 92 Derrick Burbul 37
    Service Station Faye Tanner Cool 38
    Niwot Sunshine Dempsey 39
    Ice Storm Series #1 Marydorsey Wanless 40
    Stanton, Nebraska, 1915 Red Shuttleworth 41
    Untitled Amy Plettner 42
    Genetic Disposition Deb Walz 43
    Untitled #2 Anne H. Peetz 44
    Beware the Shaking Rattle Janet Portiner 45
    Earthbound Brian Merriman 46
    Elgin Prairie Leah Daehling 47
    Street Dance Natalie Schwarz 48
    August Janey Strobel 49
    Untitled [#4] Jessica Northup 50
    The Snap Kelly Madigan Erlandson 51
    Untitled [#5] Jessica Northup 54
    Before the First Freeze Faye Tanner Cool 55
    Traveling Through Trudi Muro-Robertson 56
    Untitled #16 Anne H. Peetz 57
    A Scratch You Can't Itch Anne H. Peetz 58
    Stardust Chris Vogt 59



Volume IX, 2007

  • Edited by Shoshana Sumrall


    An Interview with Kelly Madigan Erlandson by Ember Schrag

    Feast of All Souls Annemarie Potter 11
    Little Bluestem Twyla Hansen 12
    Common Ground Carole Barnes-Montgomery 14
    The Way of Memory Lucy Adkins 16
    Music Stephanie Pluta 20
    What Silence Wants Us to Know Fredrick Zydek 22
    Shoveling the dark Rex Walton 23
    I Leaned In Close Marjorie Saiser 25
    What My Mother Used James Cihlar 30
    To Eat Just Once Kevin Rabas 34
    The Roots Stephanie Pluta 36
    Bridge Stephanie Pluta 37
    So Early in the Evening Charlene Neely 41
    Rat Terrier Lucy Adkins 42
    West River, I-94 Rick Watson 46
    Language Greg Kuzma 48
    The Slow Disintegration Greg Kuzma 49
    The Spoilers say Where are his Works That he did in the Wilderness John Estes 51

    Dirt Farmer Lucas Steven Wingate 17
    Selling Starch Katharine Hershey 26
    Nebraska Kelly Madigan Erlandson 28
    Confessional Box, Third Grade Deborah T. McGinn 32
    Homecoming Logan Burda 38
    Public Works Reed Underwood 43
    Thousands Devin Ayers 53

    Main Street. Zap, North Dakota Dan Koeck Cover
    Sentinels Jason Pohl 4
    Star Trails, Black Hills Michael Whye 10
    Page City Brian Merriman 13
    Weekend Warrior Brian Merriman 15
    Sunlight Delphine Bedient 19
    GETTING HIGH Plato Chan 21
    Motel Broadwater, NE 2006 Tom Hansen 24
    Image 0361 Embrace Kendal Garrison 29
    Jump! Bruce Thorson 31
    Ghost of the White Elephant Jason Pohl 34
    St. Augustine Live Oaks Michael Whye 35
    Homestead Brian Merriman 40
    Pierce County Fair. Rugby, North Dakota Dan Koeck 41
    No Trespassing Jason Pohl 43
    Roadside Attraction. New Salem, North Dakota Dan Koeck 47
    MANIC Plato Chan 50
    Citadel Jason Pohl 52



Volume VIII, 2006

  • Edited by Mary Kate McCarney
    An Interview with William Kloefkorn By Marjorie Saiser
    Equinox Post Mortem Anne Fitzgerald 12
    Blackberry Picking on Lopez Island with Dr. Diane Gillespie Fredrick Zydek 14
    Four Poems Kelly Madigan Erlandson 21
    The Refrigerator Repairman Talks of Marriage Tricia Currans-Sheehan 26
    The Last Blackbird in Cambridge, Nebraska A. Katherine Berger 28
    Stuffed Cardinal in a China Hutch Michael Plouzek 29
    Plain Death Elizabeth Schultz 31
    The Artists, the Priest, and the Holy Virgin Rick Watson 32
    The Changes Clif Mason 34
    Along the Way JC Reilly 36
    Common Clay Pots Marilyn Dorf 37
    Two Poems Dwaine Spieker 46
    Three Poems Don Welch 48
    Three Poems Jillian Savage 61
    Untitled Dan Leamen  68
    A River’s Reach John Pierce 15
    All That Came Before Amy Winkenwerder 25
    Mötley Classrüem Fran Kaye 39
    Camera Christopher Schultz 50
    Trans Amy Winkenwerder 66
    Reclamation Jason Groves Cover
    Alley 2, Lincoln, 2005 Thomas Hansen 4
    Motion Michael Evnen 11
    Finding My Way (Mt. Vernon Gardens, Omaha) Laura Johnson Dahlke 13
    Feud Derek Driedger 17
    West Port, Kansas City, 2005 Thomas Hansen 20
    Best Friends Lori Vick 23
    Last Night Stefan and Sarah Mast 26
    Trespass Daniel Weiss 30
    Loma, Nebraska Amy Plettner-Lind 33
    No Turning Back Amy Plettner-Lind 38
    Year Round Representation at the Sunken Gardens Derek Driedger 41
    Eye of the Beholder Lindsay Snyder 45
    Untitled Plato Chan 47
    Honig House Marydorsey Wanless 51
    The Road to Grandpa Honig’s Marydorsey Wanless 54
    Brunner Farm Marydorsey Wanless 57
    The Whisper Stefan and Sarah Mast 60
    Eat and Run Janet M. Thooft 63
    Pointed Jacob Walker 65
    Emotion Michael Evnen 67


Volume VII, 2005

  • Edited by Mary Kate McCarney
    An Interview with Don Welch by Dwaine Spieker 5
    The Geography of the Heart Mary K. Stillwell 10
    Storm Carol J. Carpenter 12
    Of Sickness and Things that Crawl Lucy Adkins 14
    What I've Survived in Bad Dreams Fredrick Zydek 15
    Wolf-Woman Marilyn Dorf 19
    Poem: Thirty-Third Draft Fredrick Zydek 23
    A November Moment Pat Pike 24
    Skinny Old Men Dee Ritter 31
    The Salesman Jim Reese 32
    Morse Code Jim Reese 33
    Deep Deportation Kimberly Simms 34
    Self-Evident Fragments Fredrick Zydek 36
    Why She Didn’t Wear a Watch Amy Plettner Lind 40
    Winter Still Life Denise Banker 42
    Hoar Frost Denise Banker 42
    Day Moon Fredrick Zydek 47
    Zero at the Bone Heidi Peters 48
    Nothing Rests Easy in Their Hands Kelly Madigan Erlandson 52
    After 20 Years You Recall Your Old Boyfriend Kelly Madigan Erlandson 54
    Divorce Joshua Dolezal 55
    Certain Kinds of Music Fredrick Zydek 62
    Prone Jon Munk 63
    Sterling Shoshana Sumrall 13
    That’ll Stick in Your Craw Tricia Currans-Sheehan 20
    Coal Chute Road Shoshana Sumrall 25
    Bean Smoking David Raabe 38
    Dragons and Dandelions Stacy Fox 44
    Thanksgiving Jessica Tok 50
    Shadow of St. Agnes Grady Arth 57
    Dakota Badlands Richard Francis Cover
    Dakota Badlands, Two Richard Francis 4
    Downtown Stairs Michael Evnen 9
    Madeline Kelly Benson 11
    This Old House Speaks (3 images) Mary Dorsey Wanless 16
    Untitled Eric Eshbach 22
    Lollipops Jessica Tok 30
    Lana Obradovic Molly Margaret Colleen Kearney 35
    A Map of a Girl John Skinner 37
    Windbreak Benjamin Polly 41
    Frosted Ridge Benjamin Polly 43
    Spring at Wyuka Francis Schoonveld 46
    Grave Statue Francis Schoonveld 49
    Dinner Amy Plettner-Lind 51
    Andy Hallam Kelly Benson 53
    Boxcars Thomas Hansen 56
    Button Michael Evnen 61


Volume VI, 2004

  • Edited by Joy Arbor
    An Interview with Gerald Shapiro by John Talbird 5
    The Grammar of the Barrio Daniel R. Martinez 8
    North from Mexico Daniel R. Martinez 9
    The Red River Valley Jeff Jentz 11
    Emma and Jake Jeff Jentz 12
    Lines at Midday near Rosebud Reservation Jeff Jentz 13
    I try not to forget Lucy Adkins 15
    Emma Teaches Me to Clean Chickens Lucy Adkins 16
    Yesterday, the Wind Lucy Adkins 17
    The Gift of What's Left J.J. McKenna 19
    Great Grandfather Marilyn Dorf 20
    Oil Change Melissa Tubbs 22
    A Hawk before Sunrise RD Theisz 23
    Homegrown Jim Reese 25
    Cityscape (Autumn) Mary Kate McCarney 27
    Letter toJames Fredrick Zydek 30
    Letter to Ranek from Brunswick Fredrick Zydek 31
    Letter to Gerisen in Miami Fredrick Zydek 32
    Letter to Blain in Dallas Fredrick Zydek 33
    He Disks Bonnie Crumly-Fastring 35
    Some Are, Some Aren't Lois (Wurdeman) Lewandowski 36
    Wallflower Deborah T. McGinn 40
    Dancing with Ramona Joshua Dolezal 42
    Starlings Dee Ritter 46
    Vow Amy Plettner-Lind 48
    Not My First Kiss, Not at All Marjorie Saiser 49
    At the End of the Argument Kelly Madigan Erlandson 50
    Christmas Letter, After Dad Kelly Madigan Erlandson 51
    Kelly Girls #2 Wynne Summers 53
    Freda's Hats Pat Pike 54
    Dedication Carole Barnes-Montgomery 55
    Spring-Time Charlene Neely 56
    Emergency Plan Charlene Neely 57
    Sticks & Stones, Old bones Charlene Neely 56
    Against the Numberless Winter Stars Rex Walton 59
    Dreamscapes Bil Johnson 60
    The Unbroken Plains Ethan J. Hon 62
    In the City of Crows Elizabeth Dodd 63
    Remnants J. Lynn Batten Cover
    1935 J. Lynn Batten 29
    Flicka J. Lynn Batten 39
    Covered Bridge, Cook, Nebraska Ardiss Cederholm 26
    Jetstream Anneliese Cuttle 4
    Bent Tree Anneliese Cuttle 61
    Kelly Girls #2 Charles W. Guildner 52
    Time Takes Its Toll Susan Murnan 18
    Two cow Jim Reese 21
    Farmer's Market Jim Reese 41
    Bindlestiff Sideshow (at Duffy's) Jim Reese 47
    4th of July, Lincoln Richard Wright 10
    The Sower, Lincoln Richard Wright 14
    Boy of Summer, Schuyler Richard Wright 24
    Card Player, Hyannis Richard Wright 23