Virtual Reconstruction Tutorials

We have crafted a 5 part Tutorial Series to take users through the workflow we developed to create reconstructions from 2-dimensional map data all the way to 3-dimensional, interactive environments.

Below you will find the embedded videos, and links to the youtube videos directly.

Part 1 covers the required software and datasets you will need in order go through the process.

Part 2 covers checking and preparing the data for the remainder of the reconstruction process.

Part 3 covers working with the datasets (Shapefiles and LiDAR) in ArcMap and ArcScene in order to maintain the GIS based accuracy of these files through the conversion and creation of 3D models during Part 4.

Part 4 covers the creation of 3D models using the Shapefiles as a base, as well as converting the data previously exported out of ArcMap and ArcScene into formats that can be seen and used by Unity Engine and the associated Asset Package, GAIA Terrain System.

Part 5 covers bringing together all the data into Unity and creating a basic representation of the environment, which can be further enhanced and additional creations can be added at the user and creators choosing.