Marching Band Auditions

All members of the Cornhusker Marching Band must be enrolled as full-time students at UNL and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.000 or greater.

Brass and Woodwind Auditions

Cornhusker Marching Band mellophone player.

Candidates for the brass and woodwind sections of the Cornhusker Marching Band must complete a two-part audition process. Playing auditions (first round) are held in the spring and consist of a prepared solo and major scales or rudiments. Students living outside of Nebraska's borders may submit a recorded audition (MP3 or CD) for the first round. The deadline for submitting a recorded brass or woodwind audition is June 1, 2014. Candidates must prepare a solo or etude of two to four minutes in length. The choice of music is up to the candidate and should be something that the individual is comfortable playing. Up tempo, technical pieces are better than slow, lyrical pieces. Brass and woodwind players must also sight read and play a major scale to two octaves. Students auditioning for piccolo positions may play the first round audition on flute. Students auditioning for marching horn (mellophone), baritone and tuba positions may use their concert instruments for the first round audition.
Cornhusker Marching Band saxophone players.

2014 Brass and Woodwind Audition Dates:

Saturday, April 26

Saturday, May 17

Saturday, May 24

Audition Request Form

Audition Recording Instructions

Percussion Auditions

Cornhusker Marching Band drum line.

All candidates (new and veteran) must attend at least one of the scheduled audition days on campus. Attendance at both days is preferred and recommended. Video submissions will be accepted if circumstances prevent individuals from being on campus to audition. The deadline for submitting video auditions for the percussion section is May 24, 2014.

A new audition procedure will be used to determine the 2014 Cornhusker Marching Band's percussion section. Our plan is to have the percussion section set before Band Camp starts in August. This new audition process consists of two parts: an individual evaluation and an ensemble evaluation. Candidates will be asked to play their specific instrument etude and rhythmic etude with a metronome for the individual audition. Candidates may also be asked to sight read and play any of the posted exercises as well. In the ensemble audition, candidates will be seen in various combinations on their instrument(s) of choice playing through the posted exercises. Candidates should expect to perform both standing fast and while marking time.

The final 2014 percussion section roster will be posted at the conclusion of the May 31st audition day. Results will also be posted on the band's web site and emailed to all candidates. In addition to the final roster, two alternates will be chosen for each section and placed in a First-Call and Second-Call order. In the event that any members on the final roster are unable to fulfill their obligation prior to the start of band camp in August, alternates will be contacted for replacement.

Cornhusker Marching Band front ensemble.

This is a competitive group and a big commitment. It is highly recommended that you audition on more than one instrument to increase your chances for success. All candidates, except section and rank leaders, are required to complete the audition process. All spots are open and no spots are guaranteed.

Click on the Percussion Audition Preparation button below for important details regarding the new audition procedure.

Audition Materials

All materials will be made available to candidates through this web site. Materials will be posted during the first week of April, 2014.

2014 Percussion Audition Dates:

Saturday, May 24 (9:00 AM -- 5:00 PM)

Saturday, May 31 (9:00 AM -- 5:00 PM)

Percussion Audition Preparation

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Color Guard Auditions

Cornhusker Marching Band color guard.

2014 First Round Color Guard Audition Dates:

Choose between the April 1, 2 and 3 (5:30 PM -- 8:15 PM; must attend all three evenings) session and the Saturday, May 31 (9:00 AM -- 4:00 PM) session.

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Color guard candidates must complete a first round audition in the spring and a second round audition approximately 10 days before the fall semester begins. Color guard candidates are not required to choreograph routines. All on-site audition materials, routines and music are provided and taught by the UNL band staff. Practice time is built into the schedule so that candidates can become familiar with the routines. The routine involves both flag work and dance.

Video taped auditions are acceptable if an on-campus audition is impossible. Performance tapes are not accepted for color guard auditions. Please frame the video camera so that both the hands and feet are visible at all times. Wear relatively form-fitting clothing so that body moves and position can be adequately evaluated.

Include the following elements in your audition video:

  • 16 counts of drop spins with both right and left hand.
  • 16 counts of double time with both right and left hand.
  • One parallel toss, one double time toss, and one toss of choice.
  • 32 counts of 8 to 5 marching and 16 counts of jazz run.
  • One 48 count phrase with movements chosen by the candidate.

Twirler Auditions

Cornhusker Marching Band twirler.

2014 Twirler Auditions:

Sunday, March 16 (8:30 AM -- 12:00 PM)

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Twirler candidates are expected to complete a single audition that takes place in the spring. We are looking for a twirler that is a versatile and exciting performer with more than one apparatus. We will expect candidates to perform a routine utilizing more than one piece of equipment choreographed to your choice of music. Please vary the equipment among multiple baton, knives, hoops, etc. Fire batons are not allowed on the University campus. We will provide a sound system that can play CDs and/or music from MP3 devices.

Video taped auditions are acceptable if an on-campus audition is impossible. Performance tapes are acceptable for twirler auditions only if it is a solo performance by the candidate. Please frame the video camera so that both the hands and feet are visible at all times and please include the use of more than one apparatus.

The audition held in Lincoln will include:
  • A two to four minute routine utilizing more than one piece of equipment choreographed to the candidate's choice of music.
  • An impromptu routine that the candidate must choreograph on the spot to the music chosen by the judges.
  • A short interview with the panel of judges.