Providing Accessible Media

Screenshot from Really Obvious: Winter Weather

Image is from UNL Police's "Really Obvious Preparedness Facts" on YouTube


If your curriculum includes videos and films, this student must have access to captioned videos and film at the same time as his/her peers. For on-line courses, all spoken discourse (e.g. narrated power points) and media must be captioned. Due to the unreliability of speech to text software with automatic captions, YouTube captions should be checked and edited for accuracy prior to showing them in class.

 If your video materials need captioning, you are authorized to use UNL Academic Video provided by YuJa This service is available at no charge to faculty who have deaf or hard of hearing students in their courses. For further assistance, you may email Huskertech Help Center (Love Lib. South, Rm. 31) or call (402) 472-3970, toll-free (866) 472-3970.