Neihardt Roof and fraternity housing

The mission of SSD is to facilitate equal and integrated access to the academic, social, cultural and recreational programs offered at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and to foster independent decision making skills necessary to achieve personal and academic success. The University’s policy is that no qualified student with a disability will be excluded from participating in any university program or activity, denied the benefits of any university program or activity, or otherwise subjected to discrimination with regard to any university program or activity.

Services are designed to meet the unique educational needs of enrolled students with documented disabilities. SSD assists students in realizing their academic potential and facilitates the elimination of physical, programmatic, and attitudinal barriers. Students are encouraged to assess their needs realistically, to take advantage of appropriate support, and to be clear and proactive about gaining assistance.

Any student who needs a reasonable accommodation based on a qualified disability is required to register with the SSD office for assistance.

Services for Students with Disabilities also serves as a resource to the university’s administrative units and academic departments that have responsibility to accommodate students and campus visitors with disabilities.