Old school room with globe, desk, chair, book, ruler, geometric shapes on the desk and chalkboard in the background

The University of Nebraska- Lincoln has a long history of providing services to students with disabilities.  The SSD office was established in 1985 through a federal grant.  The office was called the Educational Center for Disabled Students and was housed in the Affirmative Action office.  The purpose of the grant was to develop a computer center for physically disabled students.

The original philosophy of the office was to focus on first-year students; helping them transition to college as well as working with Vocational Rehabilitation Services and other community agencies to coordinate the necessary support that students needed.  

In 1990 the office became Services for Students with Disabilities. The program grew and became known nationally for serving students with learning disabilities and mobility impairments (even though services were provided to all students with disabilities). Technology was a high priority, and new advancements being made in this area were tested for incorporation into the college program. 

Through the years, Services for Students with Disabilities has grown in size and scope, from monitoring students and providing minimal services, to providing the latest in technological advances.  This office has been instrumental to students in achieving their academic goals through the provision of accommodations and support.