Testing Accommodation FAQs

UNL's City Campus
Will exams be administered in person by SSD?

In response to the University guidelines for safe distancing and its commitment to ensure the safety of students and staff, the SSD Testing Center will be limited to proctoring "in-person" exams for SSD students who need unique resources for the following test accommodations:

  • Private Testing Room
  • Use of Assistive Technology
  • Exam Assistance (scribe)
  • Exams in Alternative Format
Professors are asked that SSD students whose test accommodations don't include these categories be allowed to take their exams remotely. If you have questions please feel free to contact us.



How do professors accommodate Deaf students in their online format?

To caption videos, lectures or narrated power points, faculty are authorized to use UNL Academic Video with captions provided by VidGrid https://its.unl.edu/services/unl-academic-video/.  This service is available at no charge to faculty who have deaf or hard of hearing students in their courses. For further assistance, you may email Huskertech Help Center (Love Lib. South, Rm 31)   https://its.unl.edu/helpcenter/  or call 402-472-3970, toll-free 866-472-3970. 

If your plans include videoconferencing for your course or office hours, please contact Barbara Woodhead.


General recommendations for classes with academic accommodations

Some accommodations may look different as on site lectures are converted to online instruction. To support the process, we recommend the following:

  • Communicate with students using accommodations to ensure that they are accessing the course material effectively
  • Offer regular office hours for questions and clarifications
  • Be flexible as adjustments may need to be made if students indicate additional assistance is needed
  • Consult with SSD staff if you have any questions