Committees, Officers and Liaisons

* = elected position

Chair's Advisory Committee

Personnel Subcommittee

Tenured and tenure-track members of the Chair's Advisory Committee

Department Conciliator

*Stephen Behrendt (Professor - 2020)

Election/Conciliation Chair

*Maureen Honey (Professor)

Graduate Committee

  • Stacey Waite, committee chair (Associate Professor – 2021)
  • Ken Price (Professor – 2021)
  • Jonis Agee (Professor – 2020)
  • Greg Rutledge (Associate Professor – 2019)
  • Rachel Cochran (Graduate Student Representative - 2019)

Appeals Committee

  • *Stephen Ramsay, committee chair (Associate Professor – 2019)
  • *Stephen Behrendt (Professor – 2020)
  • *Grace Bauer (Professor – 2021)
  • *Lydia Presley (Graduate Student Representative – 2019)
  • TBD (Undergraduate Representative – 2019)

Undergraduate Committee

  • Guy Reynolds (Professor - 2021)
  • Laura White (Professor; ex officio as Literature Coordinator)
  • Timothy Schaffert (Associate Professor; ex officio as Director of Creative Writing)
  • Debbie Minter (Associate Professor; ex officio as Director of Composition and Rhetoric)
  • *Rachel Azima (Assistant Professor of Practice - 2019)
  • Kathleen Lacey (Academic Advisor; ex officio)
  • Michael Page, Department Scheduler (Lecturer; ex officio)
  • *Christian Rush (Graduate Student Representative - 2018)

EGSA Executive Committee

2017-2018 Officers

  • Keshia Mcclantoc, President
  • Phillip Howells, Vice President
  • Sydney Bates, Treasurer and GSA Representative
  • Alex Deluise, General Board Member and Events Coordinator
  • Mark Houston, General Board Member and Events Coordinator
  • Rachel Cochran, Grad Committee Representative
  • Regan Levitte, MA Representative
  • Gretchen Greer, General Board Member


  • Chair: Marco Abel (Professor)
  • Vice Chair: Roland Végső (Associate Professor)
  • Graduate Chair: Stacey Waite (Associate Professor)
  • Undergraduate Program Chair: Guy Reynolds (Professor)
  • English Student Advisory Board Coordinator: Robert Lipscomb (Lecturer)
  • Director of Composition and Rhetoric: Debbie Minter (Associate Professor)
  • Associate Coordinators of Composition: Katie Henson and Adam Hubrig (Ph.D. students)
  • Director of Writing Center: Rachel Azima (Assistant Professor of Practice)
  • Associate Coordinator of Writing Center: Nicole Green (Ph.D. student)
  • Coordinator of Film Studies: Wheeler Winston Dixon (Professor)
  • Director of Creative Writing: Timothy Schaffert (Associate Professor)
  • Associate Coordinator of Creative Writing: Rachel Cochran
  • Coordinator of Literature: Laura White (Professor)
  • Digital Humanities Liaison: Adrian Wisnicki (Associate Professor)
  • Place Studies Liaison: Tom Lynch (Professor)
  • Placement Advisors: Rachael W. Shah (Assistant Professor) and Ng'ang'a Muchiri (Assistant Professor)
  • Contests Committee Chair: Michael Page (Lecturer)
  • Glenna Luschei Editor-in-Chief of Prairie Schooner: Kwame Dawes (Professor)