2014-2015 AMOP Seminar Schedule

Femto-second laser spatial light modes

Unless otherwise indicated, seminars will be presented in Jorgensen Hall, room 145, on Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. during Fall and Spring semesters. For further information please call the Department of Physics and Astronomy at 402-472-2770. Information on current seminars can be found on the AMOP Seminar 2017-2018 page.

Sept. 24 Jie Yang

Imaging of Alignment, Deformation and Dissociation of CS2 Molecules using Ultrafast Electron Diffraction

Oct. 1 I.I. Fabrikant

Similarity between Positronium-Atom and Electron-Atom Scattering

Oct. 8 Wayne Huang

Difference parametric amplification in QASER - a new light source on the horizon?

Nov. 12 Tim Gay

Threshold Alignment Reversal and Circularly-Polarized Fluorescence in Rotationally-Resolved H2

Nov. 27-30 Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 3 Liang-wen Pi


Dec. 10 Rafal Rakowski

First Steps Towards Ultrafast Hard X-Ray Time-Resolved Experiments

Dec. 24 - Jan. 2 UNL Holiday Break
Feb. 4 Maaneli Derakhshani

Newtonian Semiclassical Gravity,The Quantum Measurement Problem, and The GRW Theory

Feb. 11 J. M. Ngoko Djiokap

Nonlinear Attosecond Dichroism in Double Ionization of He by an Intense elliptically polarized Few-cycle XUV Pulse

Feb. 18 Brad Shadwick

Action Principles and Numerical Simulation, or Hamilton Meets a Computer

March 18 Omid Zandi

Generation and Measurement of Femtosecond Electron Pulses

April 8 Carlos Trallero

Probing Molecular Structure with a Molecule’s Own Electrons

April 15 Nathan Clayburn

A Cylindrically Symmetric “Micro-Mott” Electron Polarimeter

April 22 Katarzyna Krajewska

Frequency comb generation from nonlinear Compton and Thomson scattering

May 1 Sachin Sharma

Projectile Coherence Effects & Few-Body Dynamics in Proton–H2 Collisions