Safety Committee

Kees Uiterwaal

Don Umstadter

Safety Training

Anyone working or conducting research in the Physics and Astronomy Department (including faculty, staff, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate researchers) must complete required university training and annual departmental safety training.

Training includes all staff of centers and shops. The following do not require training: retirees and those not physically working on campus (i.e. Fermilab). For questions about requirements or other exceptions, contact Safety Committee Co-Chairs Kees Uiterwaal ( & Donald Umstadter (

All university personnel are required to take Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) core training: Core-Injury and Illness Prevention Plan and Core-Emergency Preparedness. Additional training needed can be determined by visiting the EHS website on training.

Useful Links and Contacts

Important Contacts


UNL Police

University Health Center

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Incident Reporting

All accidents or incidents, including any injuries requiring treatment, must be reported to the Safety Committee and Environmental Health & Safety and Physics Business Manager Dodie Eveleth (

Student injuries should be logged with UNL EHS using the Student Injury/Illness Reporting Form.

Near-Miss and Close Calls should be reported using the UNL EHS Near-Miss/Close Call Incident Reporting Form.