Outreach Programs
Outreach Programs

Physics & Astronomy faculty and students lead a variety of outreach programs for local, national, and international communities. The Department has shared a 40-year history with Lincoln Public Schools beginning with the Saturday Science program and expanding to all Nebraska public schools with the Cosmic Ray Observatory Project and other programs. The Department continues to develop innovative ways to bring science to the general public.


Dan Claes lectures Saturday Science Students

Saturday Science

Fifth- and sixth-grade Lincoln Public School students spend two hours in the Department of Physics & Astronomy for four consecutive Saturdays each February.

College and University

Science Educators and Adults

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Cosmic Ray Observatory Project

For a series of summers, Nebraska hosted high school teachers and students to learn about cosmic rays and to develop the detection/GIS systems necessary to install cosmic ray detectors.

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Astronomy Education

Astronomers host a workshop each fall, featuring visiting astronomers and area high school and college instructors, as well as a summer camp for high school students.

All Ages


Scale of the sizes of objects from subatomic particles to galaxies

Funsize Physics

Funsize Physics communicates condensed matter and materials research to a broad audience. It features short, accessible physics descriptions and how-to guides.

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Football Physics

Professor Timothy Gay presented a 60-second physics lesson via HuskerVision to a stadium of 76,000-plus fans. Since 2001, the concept has gone international with the NFL.