Alumni Stories

Alumni Stories
Alumni Stories

The Department of Physics & Astronomy alumni have accomplished astounding achievements since exiting the halls of our departments. Alumni are invited each year to the annual Spring Recognition Banquet to share their successes. Recent news is also published in the departmental alumni newsletter.

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Recent News

Al-Omari Wins 2014 Distinguished Arab Researcher Award

The Association of Arab Universities selected Imaddin Ali Al-Omari(Ph.D. 1996; Adviser: D.J. Sellmyer), professor of physics at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman, for the 2014 Distinguished Arab Researcher Award in the fields of science and engineering for the year 2014. The award was announced in Amman, Jordan, during the January 5th meeting of the executive council of the Association of Arab Universities. Professor Al-Omari received the award during the General Conference of the Association of Arab Universities held on March 25, 2015 in Beirut, Lebanon. The award includes a certificate from the Association of Arab Universities and a cash prize of $7,500.

Al-Omari’s award is based on his achievements in teaching, student training, research, service to the scientific community and to the development of science in the Arab world during his entire academic career, especially in the past 10 years. Professor Al-Omari has worked at Sultan Qaboos University for 14 years. He has taught physics to undergraduate and postgraduate students for the past 19 years at Sultan Qaboos University, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, and Jordan University of Science and Technology. He has published 103 scientific research papers in international referred journals and presented 40 papers at international conferences. He also served as principal investigator of more than 10 research projects. Al-Omari is often a visiting professor of physics at UNL during summers.

Reed to Head IUPAP

ennedy Reed (Ph.D. 1978; Adviser: J. Macek), an atomic physicist in the Physics Division at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, was elected president-designate of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) at the group’s general assembly meeting in Singapore in November 2014. Reed is the first American elected to head this global organization since Nobel Laureate Burton Richter, who was president of IUPAP from 1999 to 2002. Reed will serve a three-year term as president-designate, followed by a three-year term as the president of IUPAP, culminating with a three-year term as the organization’s past president.

IUPAP assists in the worldwide development of physics, fosters international cooperation, and helps in the application of physics toward solving problems of concern to humanity. Sixty countries are members of IUPAP, and the executive council supervises the activities of IUPAP’s 19 specialized international commissions that cover the major physics sub-disciplines. Reed served on the IUPAP Commission on Physics for Development for nine years and was the chair of that commission for three years. This commission seeks to improve the conditions of physics and physicists in developing regions of the world.

We Heard That...

  • Christopher Corder (B.S. 2007) received a Ph.D. in physics from Stony Brook University in 2014 under the supervision of Harold Metcalf.
  • Andrew Kubik (B.S. 2003) joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Texas A&M University as a postdoctoral researcher.
  • Jin Wang (Postdoc Researcher 2005) has been promoted to associate professor of physics with tenure in the Department of Natural Sciences at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Her research is in the area of quantum optics.
  • Randy Porter (B.S. 1993) was promoted to Assistant Vice President of Project Management at Farmers National Company (FNC) in Omaha, NE in May 2014. Porter started with FNC in 2010. The company provides farm management as well as a complete range of agricultural services.