If you are in need of help or assistance with an introductory Physics or Astronomy course (PHYS or ASTR 1XX or 2XX) during this Fall semester, graduate students who teach recitations and labs will provide tutoring and homework help.

The Resource Center is located in the second floor lobby and is open Monday through Friday except during University holidays and closings and finals week.

You are not restricted to seeing only a tutor who teaches your recitation or laboratory section. All tutors are available and able to assist you with your questions. Contact information for individual tutors can be found in the Graduate Student Directory.

For student feedback concerning the Resource Center please fill out the following form here.

Resource Center Fall 2022 Schedule

Astronomy TAs will also be available in the Physics & Astronomy Resource Center at the following times:


8-10 am

McKenzie Johnson - Specializes in ASTR 103


8-9 am


Sukaina Al-Hamedi - Specializes in ASTR 117

Cambelle Johnson - Specializes in ASTR 117 & 103


8-10 am

McKenzie Johnson - Specializes in ASTR 103


8-9 am

12:30-3:30 pm

Sukaina Al-Hamedi - Specializes in ASTR 117

Frannie Mace - Specializes in ASTR 103

Friday 3-6 pm Mohamed Elekhtiar - Specializes in ASTR 103 & 117

The astronomy TAs will also simultaneously be available in Zoom at these times.

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 964 6774 8617

Passcode: AdAstra