If you are in need of help or assistance with an introductory Physics course (PHYS 1XX or 2XX) during Fall or Spring semesters, visit the Physics Resource Center located in Jorgensen Hall second floor lobby. Graduate students who teach recitations and labs provide tutoring and homework help. The Resource Center is open Monday through Friday except during University holidays and closings and finals week. The Resource Center is also not open during the summer.

You are not restricted to seeing only a tutor who teaches your recitation or laboratory section. All tutors are available and able to assist you with your questions. Contact information for individual tutors can be found in the Graduate Student Directory.


Resource Center Fall 2019
8:30 AM H Zhao Hauptmann Bak Liu Ullah
9:00 AM H Zhao Mishra Hauptmann P Giri Bak Keck Liu Tiwari Ullah Bouzid
9:30 AM H Zhao Mishra Chaudhary P Giri Bak Keck Wu Tiwari Ullah Bouzid
10:00 AM H Zhao Mishra Chaudhary P Giri Bak Keck Wu Ray Ullah Bouzid
10:30 AM Gilbert Mishra Hossain P Giri Bak Keck Lamichhane Ray Ng Bouzid
11:00 AM Gilbert Liu Hossain Squires Bak Bouzid Lamichhane Y Zhang Ng Liu
11:30 AM Hu Liu Lee Squires Ng Bouzid Lamichhane Y Zhang Hu Liu
12:00 PM Hu Ullah Lee Cherenzia Ng Yang Lamichhane Y Zhang Hu Yang
12:30 PM Bouzid Ullah Lee Cherenzia Hasan Yang Squires Y Zhang Hasan Yang
1:00 PM Bouzid Hauptmann Lee Cherenzia Hasan Yang Squires B Giri Hasan Dhingra
1:30 PM Squires Hauptmann Hauptmann Cherenzia Hossain Yang Cherenzia B Giri Gilbert Dhingra
2:00 PM Squires Hauptmann Hauptmann Marcia Hossain Lamichhane Cherenzia P Giri Gilbert Dhingra
2:30 PM Squires Hauptmann Wu Marcia Hossain Lamichhane Gilbert P Giri Lee Dhingra
3:00 PM Squires Marcia Wu H Zhao Hossain X Li Gilbert Lee Emily Welch
3:30 PM Reed Marcia Hu H Zhao Ray X Li Colloquium Colloquium Tiwari Emily Welch
4:00 PM Reed Marcia Hu Y Zhang Ray X Li Colloquium Colloquium Tiwari Emily Welch
4:30 PM Reed Marcia B Giri Y Zhang Ray X Li Colloquium Colloquium Emily Welch
5:00 PM Reed B Giri Ray