Kam-Ching Leung

Professor Emeritus

Kam-Ching Leung

258B Jorgensen Hall

Research Interests

Astronomy and Astrophysics
Double Stars

Recent Publications

  1. Yang, Y.L.; Liu, Q.Y.; and Leung, K.-C., UY Ursae Majoris: A W-Subtype W UMa Systems with a Small Ratio, Astronomy & Astrophysics 307, 507-512, 2001.
  2. Wu, X.A.; Li, Z.Y.; Gao, W.H.; and Leung, K.-C., Spectroscopy of IY UMa During Superoutburst, Astrophysical J. Letter 549, L81-84, 2001.
  3. Kam-Ching Leung, "PREFACE TO STELLAR ASTROPHYSICS", Stellar Astrophysics by Cheng K.S., Chau H.F., Chan K. L, and Leung K.C. (Kluwer Press 2000).
  4. Cheng, K.S., Chau, H.F., Chan, K. L, and Leung, K.C., STELLAR ASTROPHYSICS, (Kluwer Press, 2000), Editors, 506 pages.