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Greg Snow at Pierre Auger Observatory

Study confirms cosmic rays have extragalactic origins

Sept 21, 2017 – For the first time, scientists have confirmed that the highest-energy cosmic rays that bombard the Earth come from outside the Milky Way galaxy.

Funsize Physics logo.

Nebraska-led website shows wonders of 'Funsize Physics'

Sept 7, 2017 – Launched by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with support from the National Science Foundation, the Funsize Physics website features brief highlights of condensed-matter physics research and classroom activities written by NSF-funded researchers from across the United States.

Aerial image of the approaching eclipse shadow captured by the Nebraska team that launched high altitude balloons to study the Aug. 21 event.

Project successfully takes to the sky to collect eclipse data

Aug 24, 2017 – A Nebraska research team that was part of a nationwide, NASA-funded project studying the Great American Eclipse successfully launched three balloons and collected data during the Aug. 21 celestial event.

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