Paul Burrow

Professor Emeritus

Paul D. Burrow

024 Jorgensen Hall

Research Interests

  • Temporary negative ion states of molecules and their decay channels, particularly, dissociative electron attachment (DEA)
  • Measurement of vertical attachment energies (VAE) and absolute total cross sections for DEA process. Understanding the correlations between these properties in various molecular families.
  • DEA as a probe of intramolecular electron transfer.
  • Exploration of correlations between VAEs and chemical rate constants for reductive processes, in particular, dehalogenation of pollutants on iron filings. "Using Gas-Phase Molecular Descriptors to Predict Dechlorination Rates of Chloroalkanes by Zerovalent Iron", Environ. Sci. Technol. 41, 1200 (2007). (S. Onanong, S.D. Comfort, P.D. Burrow and P.J. Shea).

A bibliography of studies in Electron Transmission Spectroscopy and VAE measurements may be accessed as

Select Publications

Electron interactions with biologically important molecules.

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