Peter A. Dowben

Charles Bessey Professor of Physics,
Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience

Peter A. Dowben

310L Jorgensen Hall
402-472-6148 (fax)

Publication Record

Author of more than 550 articles in refereed journals and books, 34 invited review articles, 28 invited presentations at national and international conferences, and 23 patents. Some papers may be found on the digital commons:

Biographical Summary

2002 - present: Charles Bessey Professor, University of Nebraska
1995 - present: Professor of Physics and Graduate Fellow, University of Nebraska
1994 - present: Research Professor of Chemistry, University of Nebraska
1993 - 1995: Associate Prof. of Physics and Graduate Fellow, University of Nebraska
1990 - 1993: Associate Prof. of Physics, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
1987 - 1996: Adjunct Prof. of Chemistry, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
1986 - 1993: Member of Solid State Science and Technology Program, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
1984 - 1990: Assistant Prof. of Physics, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
1981 - 1983: Scientist with the Fritz-Haber Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, FRG
1981 - Visiting Scientist to the Department of Physics, University Osnabrueck, FRG
1980 - 1981: Research Assistant to Dr. M. Grunze, Fritz-Haber Institut der Max-Planck Gesellschaft, and the Free University, Berlin, FRG
1981 - Ph.D. in Physics, University of Cambridge

Interests and Capabilities

The major focus of the Dowben group emphasizes the changes in electronic (band) structure across electronic phase transitions in reduced dimensionality. Of interest are ferromagnetism in local moment systems or spatially restricted systems, ferroelectricity and the nonmetal to metal transition.

Specific techniques include angle-resolved photoemission, resonant photoemission, inverse photoemission and spin polarized inverse photoemission. Other techniques include spin polarized photoemission, characteristic energy loss, low energy electron diffraction, angle resolved thermal desorption spectroscopy, X-ray photoemission, and magneto-optic Kerr effect.

Research Projects

  1. Organic and organometallic chemical vapor deposition of materials in ultrahigh vacuum for spin valves and spin-tunnel junctions.
  2. Orientation, bonding and electronic structure of organic overlayers, organometallic molecular overlayers and molecular magnets.
  3. The temperature dependent electronic structure of ferroelectric crystalline molecular films, as a function of metallicity.
  4. The spin polarized occupied and unoccupied band structure of local moment ferromagnetic systems as a function of temperature.

Funded by the NSF, NSF Polarization and Spin Phenomena MRSEC (DMR-1420645), the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the Semiconductor Research Corporation-DARPA joint program, the SRC-NRI NIST initiative, NASA and Intel.


Group Personnel Collaborators at UNL
Shi Cao
Elena Echevarria Mora
Iori Tanabe
Takashi Komesu
Hae-Kyung Jeong
Prescott Evans
Priyanka Chakraborti
Guanhua Hao
Kirill Belashchenko (Physics)
Christian Binek (Physics)
Alexei Gruverman (Physics)
Xia Hong (Physics)
Wai-Ning Mei (Physics)
R. Skomski (Physics)
Alexander Sinitskii (Chemistry)
Evgeny Tsymbal (Physics)
Xiaoshan Xu (Physics)

Recent Results and Key References

Limits to Half Metallic Ferromagnetism:

P.A. Dowben, J. Phys. Cond. Matter 19 (2007) 31031, and the papers that follow in that issue of JPCM.

Xin Zhang, Ning Wu, M. Manno, C. Leighton, Elio Vescovo, P.A. Dowben, "Resonant Photoemission and Spin Polarization of Co1-xFexS2", Journ. Phys. Condens. Matter 25 (2013) 012001

P.A. Dowben and S.J. Jenkins. "The Limits to Spin-Polarization in Finite-Temperature Half- Metallic Ferromagnets", in Frontiers in Magnetic Materials, edited by Anant Narlikar, Springer Verlag (2005).

N.Wu, P. A. Dowben, "Magnetic Surface States in High Polarization Materials", Spintronics IV, edited by H. Drouhin, J. Wegrowe, M. Razeghi, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 8100 (2011) 81000T.

P.A. Dowben and R. Skomski, "Are Half-Metallic Ferromagnets Half-Metals? (invited)", Journal of Applied Physics 95 (2004) 7453-7458.

Electrostatic Dipolar Coupling on the Local Scale:

X. Zhang, T. Palamarciuc, J.-F. Létard, P. Rosa, E. Vega Lozada, F. Torres, L.G. Rosa, B. Doudin and P.A. Dowben, "Spin State of a Molecular Adsorbate Driven by the Ferroelectric Substrate Polarization", ChemComm. 50 (2014) 2255

Z. Zhang, J. Alvira, X. Barbosa, L. B. Rosa, L. Routaboul, P. Braunstein, B. Doudin, P. A. Dowben, "Lock and Key Absorption Chemistry: Preferential Abstorption of an Isomer of Di-Iodobenzene on Molecular Films of Quinonoid Zitterions", J. Physical Chemistry C 115 (2011) 2812-2818.

Z. Zhang, R. Gonzalez, G. Diaz, L. G. Rosa, I. Ketsman, X. Zhang, P. Sharma, A. Gruverman, P. A. Dowben, "Polarization Mediated Chemistry on Polymer Ferroelectric Surfaces", J. Phys. Chem. C 115 (2011) 13041-13046.

D. Kunkel, S. Simpson, J. Nitz, G. Rojas, E. Zurek, L. Routaboul, B. Doudin, P. Braunstein, P. Dowben, and A. Enders, "Dipole Driven Bonding Schemes of Quinonoid Zwitterions on Surfaces", Chem. Comm. 48 (2012) 7143-7145

Recent General Papers on Surface & Interface Magnetism:

Xi He, Yi Wang, Ning Wu, Anthony N. Caruso, Elio Vescovo, Kirill D. Belashchenko, Peter A. Dowben and Christian Binek, "Robust Isothermal Electric Control of Exchange Bias at Room Temperature", Nature Materials 9 (2010) 579-585.

N. Wu, Xi He, A. Wysocki, U. Lanke, T. Komesu, K.D. Belaschenko, Ch. Binek, and P.A. Dowben, "Imaging and control of surface  magnetization domains in a magnetoelectric antiferromagnet", Physical Review Letters 106 (2011) 087202

Shi Cao, Xin Zhang, Ning Wu, A. T. N'Diaye, G. Chen, A. K. Schmid, Xumin Chen, W. Echtenkamp, A. Enders, Ch. Binek, P. A. Dowben, "Spin Polarization Asymmetry at the Surface of Chromia", New Journal of Physics 16 (2014) 073021.

J.P. Velev, P.A. Dowben, E.Y. Tsymbal, S.J. Jenkins and A.N. Caruso, "Interface Effects in Spin-Polarized Metal/Insulator Layered Structures", Surface Science Reports 63 (2008) 400-425.

S. Cao, P. Liu, J. Tang, H. Lu, C.W. Bark, S. Ryu, C.B. Eom, A. Gruverman, and P.A. Dowben, "Magnetoelectric Coupling at the EuO/BaTiO3 Interface", Applied Physics Letters 102 (2013) 172402

Graduate Students (and Current Affiliations)

Name Degree Date Current Affiliation
Daniel C. Driscoll Ph.D. 1987 Naval Surface Warfare Center, Virginia
Hans-Jorg Ruppender Dipl. Chem. 1987 CEO Omnivac, Kaiserslautern, FRG
Greg T. Stauf Ph.D. 1988 IP Value, Branchburg, NJ
Sangramitra Baral M. Sc. 1990 NRL
Shikha Varma Ph.D. 1990 Associate Professor of Physics, Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, India
David LaGraffe Ph.D. 1990 Director, Office of Poliferation Detection, NA-221, National Nuclear Security Administration
Yolanda Kime Ph.D. 1991 S.U.N.Y-Cortland, Professor Emeritus, Software Developer, Chicago
John Mazurowski M.Sc. 1992 Senior Engineer, Pennsylvania State Univ. Electro-Optic Cntr.
Yoon-Gi Kim Ph.D. 1992 Samsung Electronics, South Korea
Sunwoo Lee Ph.D. 1992 Patent Law, Roetzel & Andress, Washington D.C.
Dongqi Li Ph.D. 1993 On disability leave
Jiandi Zhang Ph.D. 1994 Professor of Physics, Louisiana State University
NSF Highlight
Dongjin Byun Ph.D. 1995 Professor, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, Korea University
Seong-Don Hwang Ph.D. 1996 Patent Lawyer, Seoul, Korea
John Kushneir III M.Sc. 1996 Leybold-Inficon, East Syracuse
Tara Jean McAvoy M.Sc. 1997 Process Engineer with Raytheon, California
Dulip Welipitiya Ph.D. 1997 Headway Technologies, Milpitas, CA
Carlo Waldfried Ph.D. 1998 Director of Innovation, Entegris
Jaewu Choi Ph.D. 1998 Professor, Dept. of Information Display, Kyung Hee University, Korea
Delia Ristoiu Ph.D. 2000 ST - Microelectronics, Grenoble, France
Hanni Dulli Ph.D. 2000 Instructor, Dept. of Physics, Texas Tech University
Camelia Borca Ph.D. 2001 Staff, Paul Scherrer Institute
Laeticia Bernard Diplom Physiker 2002 Staff, Paul Scherrer Institute
Rui-Hua Cheng Ph.D. 2002 Associate Professor, Indiana University - Purdue - Indianapolis
Takashi Komesu Ph.D. 2002 Research Associate Professor, UNL
Bo Xu Ph.D. 2002 Professor of Physics, Yanshan University
Hae-Kyung Jeong Ph.D. 2003 Professor, Daegu University
Anthony Caruso Ph.D. 2004 Professor and Assistant Vice Chancellor of Research, Univ. of Missouri - Kansas City
Luis Rosa Ph.D. 2005 Associate Professor of Physics, University of Puerto Rico - Humacao
Snow Balaz M.Sc. 2005
(Ph.D. in Engineering with J. Brand, 2007)
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Youngstown State University
Danqin Feng Ph.D. 2007 Lumentum, Santa Barbara, California
Carolina Ilie Ph.D. 2008 Associate Professor of Physics, S.U.N.Y. - Oswego
David Wisbey Ph.D. 2008 Assistant Professor of Physics, St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO
Jie Xiao Ph.D. 2009 Staff, BESSY II, Berlin
Ning Wu Ph.D. 2009 Staff, Western Digital
David Wooten Ph.D. 2010 Staff, STRATCOM
Jing Liu Ph.D. 2011 Post-Doc, Yeshiva University
Zheng Zheng Zhang Ph.D. 2011 Staff, American Institute of Physics
Juan Colón Santana Ph.D. 2012 Assistant Professor, Aurora University
Keisuke Fukutani Ph.D. 2012 Staff, Institute for Basic Sciences
Lingmei Kong Ph.D. 2012 Analyst, Thomson Reuters
Xin Zhang Ph.D. 2016 Staff, X-ray Optical Systems

Post-docs (and Current Affiliations)

Name Date(s) Worked For Dowben Current Affiliation
David McIlroy 1993-1996 Professor of Physics and Department Head, Oklahoma State University
Jiandi Zhang 1994-1995 Professor of Physics, Louisiana State University
NSF Highlight
Zhenchen Zhong 1997-1999 Professor, Materials Science, Nanchang Hong Kong University
Jaewu Choi 1998-2001 Dept. of Information Display, Kyung Hee University, Korea
Hae-Kyung Jeong 2003-2004 Professor, Daegu University
Takashi Komesu 2007, 2013-Present University of Nebraska
Ihor Ketsman 2006 - 2011 passed away 2013
Jie Xiao 2009 - 2010 Staff, BESSY II, Berlin
Ning Wu 2009 - 2012 Staff, Western Digital
Dong Jik Kim 2014 University of Seoul, Korea
Aiyun Liu 2015-2016 Shanghia Normal University