Recent graduates from our doctoral program since 2005 are listed below.

Dissertation titles link to electronic copies of the dissertations, which may require an account with Digital Commons at University of Nebraska–Lincoln. If you have issues accessing a dissertation, contact the Physics and Astronomy Librarian, Kiyomi Deards, at 402-472-2554 or

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NameGraduation DateAdviserThesisConnect
Ekaterina Avdeeva December 2017 Ilya Kravchenko A measurement of the cross section at √S = 8 TEV in PP collisions with the CMS detector Ekaterina Avdeeva LinkedIn Profile
Peter Beierle December 2017 Herman Batelaan From quantum to classical interactions between a free electron and a surface Peter Beierle LinkedIn Profile Peter Beierle ResearchGate Profile
Shi Cao December 2017 Peter Dowben Surfaces and Interfaces of Magnetoelectric Oxide Systems Shi Cao Google Scholar Profile Shi Cao ResearchGate Profile
Zhiyong Hong December 2017
Anil Rajapitamahuni December 2017 Xia Hong Magnetotransport Studies of Complex Oxide Based Thin Films, Nanostructures and Heterostructures Anil Rajapitamahuni Google Scholar Profile Anil Rajapitamahuni ResearchGate Profile
Omid Zandi December 2017 Martin Centurion Design and Construction of a High-Current Femtosecond Gas-Phase Electron Diffraction Setup
Ivan Zhuravlev December 2017 Kirill Belashchenko Ivan Zhuravlev Google Scholar Profile
Nathan Clayburn August 2017 Tim Gay Integrated Stokes Parameter Measurements of Spin-Polarized Electron-Impact Excitation of the (3d104s5s)53s 1 State of Zinc
Xiaoqian Dang August 2017 Evgeny Tsymbal Local Transport Properties and Complex Band Structure of Topological Insulators Xiaoqian Dang LinkedIn Profile Xiaoqian Dang ResearchGate Profile
Yunlong Jin August 2017 David Sellmyer Novel Half-Metallic and Spin-Gapless Heusler Compounds Yunlong Jin LinkedIn Profile Yunlong Jin ResearchGate Profile
Bhaskar Das May 2017 David Sellmyer Fabrication and Study of the Structure and Magnetism of Rare-Earth Free Nanoclusters Bhaskar Das Google Scholar Profile Bhaskar Das LinkedIn Profile Bhaskar Das ResearchGate Profile
Keith Foreman May 2017 Shireen Adenwalla The Organic Ferroelectric Vinylidene Fluoride Oligomer: Vacuum Deposition, Properties, and Interfaces Keith Foreman Google Scholar Profile
Iori Tanabe May 2017 Peter Dowben The Electronic Structure of Two Dimensional Materials
Uday Singh December 2016 Shireen Adenwalla Design and characterization of focused high frequency strain waves Uday Singh Google Scholar Profile Uday Singh LinkedIn Profile Uday Singh ResearchGate Profile
Xin Zhang December 2016 Peter Dowben Locking and unlocking the spin crossover transition in Fe(II) complexes Xin Zhang Google Scholar Profile Xin Zhang LinkedIn Profile Xin Zhang ResearchGate Profile
Sumit Beniwal August 2016 Axel Enders Low-dimensional materials for organic electronic applications
Maria Becker August 2016 Herman Batelaan Ultrafast free electron quantum optics
Jie Yang May 2016 Martin Centurion Ultrafast electron diffraction from laser-aligned molecules in the gas phase
Jingfeng Song May 2016 Steve Ducharme Nanopatterning of Ferroelectric Polymer and High-resolution Pyroelectric Scanning Microscopy
Alexander Stamm December 2015 Brad Shadwick Variational formulation of macro-particle algorithms for studying electromagnetic plasmas Alexander Stamm LinkedIn Profile Alexander Stamm ResearchGate Profile
Xiaohui Liu December 2014 Evgeny Tsymbal Ferroelectric polarization dependent interface effects Xiaohui Liu Google Scholar Profile
Sai Mu December 2014 Kirill Belashchenko First-principles study of magnetoelectric materials Sai Mu Google Scholar Profile Sai Mu ResearchGate Profile
Liangwen Pi December 2014 Anthony Starace Potential barrier effects in multiphoton ionization processes and intense laser acceleration of electrons in highly charged ions Liangwen Pi ResearchGate Profile
Shashi Poddar December 2014 Steve Ducharme Study of flexoelectric effect in VDF-based polymers and design of novel organic ferroelectrics Shashi Poddar Google Scholar Profile Shashi Poddar LinkedIn Profile Shashi Poddar ResearchGate Profile
Donna Kunkel August 2014 Axel Enders Polarization phenomena in organic nanostructures Donna Kunkel ResearchGate Profile
Hua-Chieh Shao August 2014 Anthony Starace Imaging electronic motions in atoms and molecules by ultrafast electrons Hua-Chieh Google Scholar Profile Hua-Chieh Shao ResearchGate Profile
Roger Bach May 2014 Herman Batelaan Electron Matter Interferometry and the Electron Double-Slit Experiment Roger Bach LinkedIn Profile Roger Bach ResearchGate Profile
Joan Dreiling May 2014 Tim Gay Asymmetric interactions between spin-polarized electrons and chiral molecules Joan Dreiling ResearchGate Profile
Eric Litaker May 2014 Tim Gay Studies of rubidium number density and polarization using spectrally-broadened diode lasers Eric Litaker LinkedIn Profile
Nathan Powers May 2014 Donald Umstadter Quasi-mono-energetic and Tunable Compton X-rays from a Laser Wakefield Accelerator Nathan Powers LinkedIn Profile Nathan Powers ResearchGate Profile
Tom George December 2013 David Sellmyer Magnetic Anisotropy and Exchange in (001) Textured FePt-based Nanostructures Tom George LinkedIn Profile Tom George ResearchGate Profile
Kristin Kraemer December 2013 Steve Ducharme Ferroelectric and Dielectric Properties of Electroactive Oligomers and Nanocomposites Kristin Kraemer LinkedIn Profile Kristin Kraemer ResearchGate Profile
Haidong Lu December 2013 Alexei Gruverman Polarization-Coupled Transport Behavior in Ultrathin Ferroelectric Heterostructures Haidong Lu Google Scholar Profile
Munir Pirbhai December 2013 Tim Gay Optically-pumped spin-exchange polarized electron source Munir Pirbhai LinkedIn Profile
Cheng-Wei Huang August 2013 Herman Batelaan Dynamic Electron Control using Light and Nanostructure Cheng-Wei Huang Google Scholar Profile
Jason Keller August 2013 Dan Claes TTbar Production Cross Section Measurement in the Muon Plus Jets Channel using Soft Electron Tagging in pp Collisions at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV Jason Keller LinkedIn Profile
Scot Cameron McGregor August 2013 Herman Batelaan Electron matter optics of the Aharonov-Bohm and Stern-Gerlach effects Scot McGregor LinkedIn Profile Scot McGregor ResearchGate Profile
Pankaj Kumar Sharma August 2013 Alexei Gruverman Nanoscale studies of polarization related electronic properties of ferroelectrics and polar oxide materials Pankaj Sharma ResearchGate Profile
Rui Zhang August 2013 David Sellmyer Magnetic Interactions in Low-Dimensional Iron Nanostructures Rui Zhang Google Scholar Profile Rui Zhang LinkedIn Profile Rui Zhang ResearchGate Profile
Xumin Chen May 2013 Axel Enders Ultrathin oxide films as templates for magnetic nanostructures Xumin Chen LinkedIn Profile Xumin Chen ResearchGate Profile
James Glasbrenner May 2013 Kirill Belashchenko Ab-initio and model studies of spin fluctuation effects in transport and thermodynamics of magnetic metals James Glasbrenner LinkedIn Profile James Glasbrenner ResearchGate Profile
Keisuke Fukutani December 2012 Peter Dowben Electron-Phonon Coupling and Structural Phase Transitions on Au/Mo(112) Keisuke Fukutani ResearchGate Profile
Lingmei Kong December 2012 Peter Dowben Modifying the Fermi level density of states in graphene Lingmei Kong LinkedIn Profile Lingmei Kong ResearchGate Profile
Xi He May 2012 Christian Binek The Electrically Controlled Exchange Bias Xi He Google Scholar Profile Xi He LinkedIn Profile Xi He ResearchGate Profile
Nina Hong May 2012 Shireen Adenwalla An Exploration of Neutron Detection in Semiconducting Boron Carbide Nina Hong LinkedIn Profile Nina Hong ResearchGate Profile
Abhijit Mardana May 2012 Shireen Adenwalla Magnetoelectric interactions between an organic ferroelectric and a transition metal ferromagnet Abhijit Mardana LinkedIn Profile Abhijit Mardana ResearchGate Profile
Timothy Scarborough May 2012 Kees Uiterwaal Ultrafast intense-field photoionization and photofragmentation of systematic series of substituted organic molecules Timothy Scarborough LinkedIn Profile Timothy Scarborough ResearchGate Profile
Xiao Hui Wei May 2012 David Sellmyer Xiao Hui Wei ResearchGate Profile
Karolina Janicka December 2011 Evgeny Tsymbal Two dimensional electron gas at oxide interfaces Karolina Janicka ResearchGate Profile
Zhen Li December 2011 Roger Kirby Magnetization precession and domain wall structure in magnetic exchange coupled films Zhen Li Google Scholar Profile Zhen Li ResearchGate Profile
Tathagata Mukherjee December 2011 Christian Binek Thermodynamics of Magnetic Multilayers Tathagata Mukherjee LinkedIn Profile
Geoffrey Rojas December 2011 Axel Enders Self Assembly and Interface Chemistry of non-Metallated Tetraphenyl Porphyrin Geoffrey Rojas Google Scholar Profile Geoffrey Rojas LinkedIn Profile Geoffrey Rojas ResearchGate Profile
Menghao Wu December 2011 Xiao Cheng Zeng First-principles Studies on Physical and Chemical Properties of Nanostructures Menghao Wu Google Scholar Profile Menghao Wu LinkedIn Profile
Yong Wang August 2011 Evgeny Tsymbal Functional two-dimensional electronic gases at interfaces of oxide heterostructures Yong Wang Google Scholar Profile Yong Wang LinkedIn Profile
Jing Liu May 2011 Peter Dowben The Photofragmentation Processes of the closo-Carborane and the Local Structure of Transition Metal Doped Semiconducting Boron Carbide Thin Films
Zhengzheng Zhang May 2011 Peter Dowben The interplay between symmetry and static dipoles with adsorption on molecular substrates Zhengzheng Zhang LinkedIn Profile Zhengzheng Zhang ResearchGate Profile
Dale Johnston May 2010 Aaron Dominguez Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in p-pbar Interactions with the decay mode H -> W+ W- -> mu+ nu mu- nu at the D0 Experiment Dale Johnston ResearchGate Profile
Srinivas Polisetty December 2009 Christian Binek Exchange bias training effect in magnetically coupled bilayers Srinivas Polisetty Google Scholar Profile Srinivas Polisetty LinkedIn Profile Srinivas Polisetty ResearchGate Profile
Aleksander Wysocki December 2009 Kirill Belashchenko Finite temperature effects in magnetic materials: Model and ab initio studies Aleksander Wysocki Google Scholar Profile Aleksander Wysocki ResearchGate Profile
Jack Maseberg August 2009 Tim Gay Fluorescence Polarization of Atomic, Dissociated Atomic, and Molecular Transitions Induced by Spin-Polarized Electron Impact Jack Maseberg ResearchGate Profile
Ning Wu August 2009 Peter Dowben The electronic band structure of CoS2(100) Ning Wu LinkedIn Profile Ning Wu ResearchGate Profile
Jie Xiao August 2009 Peter Dowben The study of molecular band offsets at the heteromolecular interface Jie Xiao Google Scholar Profile Jie Xiao LinkedIn Profile Jie Xiao ResearchGate Profile
Andrew Baruth May 2009 Shireen Adenwalla Exchange Coupling at Cobalt/ Nickel Oxide Interfaces Andrew Baruth LinkedIn Profile Andrew Baruth ResearchGate Profile
Adam Caprez May 2009 Herman Batelaan Tests of the Aharonov-Bohm effect Adam Caprez LinkedIn Profile Adam Caprez ResearchGate Profile
Shawn Hilbert May 2009 Herman Batelaan Pulse propagation of sound, light, and electrons Shawn Hilbert Google Scholar Profile Shawn Hilbert ResearchGate Profile
David Wisbey December 2008 Peter Dowben The electronic structure and spin polarization of bis(4-cyano-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-3,5-heptanedionato)copper(II) David Wisbey LinkedIn Profile David Wisbey ResearchGate Profile
Carolina Ilie August 2008 Peter Dowben Activated and nonactivated desorption from polymer surfaces Carolina Ilie Google Scholar Profile Carolina Ilie LinkedIn Profile Carolina Ilie ResearchGate Profile
J.D. Burton May 2008 Evgeny Tsymbal Magnetoresistive phenomena in nanoscale magnetic systems J.D. Burton Google Scholar Profile J.D. Burton LinkedIn Profile J.D. Burton ResearchGate Profile
Jihee Kim May 2008 Steve Ducharme Nanoscale Investigation of Polarization Interaction and Polarization Switching in Ferroelectric P(VDF-TrFE) Copolymer Samples Jihee Kim ResearchGate Profile
James Strohaber May 2008 Kees Uiterwaal Intense-field ionization of atoms and molecules: Spatially resolved ion detection and ultrashort optical vortices James Strohaber LinkedIn Profile James Strohaber ResearchGate Profile
Steven Michalski December 2007 Roger Kirby Magnetization precession of magnetic thin films studied by all optical pump-probe technique Steven Michalski LinkedIn Profile Steven Michalski ResearchGate Profile
Matthew Poulsen December 2007 Steve Ducharme Investigation of ferroelectric behavior in electroactive polymer systems Matthew Poulsen LinkedIn Profile Matthew Poulsen ResearchGate Profile
Timothy Reece December 2007 Steve Ducharme Characterization of Metalferroelectric-Insulator-Semiconductor Structures Based on Ferroelectric Langmuir-Blodgett Polyvinylidene Fluoride Copolymer Films for Nondestructive Random Access Memory Applications Timothy Reece LinkedIn Profile Timothy Reece ResearchGate Profile
Danqin Feng August 2007 Peter Dowben Cross linking molecular systems to form ultrathin dielectric layers Danqin Feng LinkedIn Profile Danqin Feng ResearchGate Profile
David Schmitter August 2007 Diandra Leslie-Pelecky Correlating disorder and magnetism in gadolinium and gadolinium -iron nanostructures David Schmitter ResearchGate Profile
Brett Barwick May 2007 Herman Batelaan Coherent control of free electrons
Glen Gronniger December 2006 Herman Batelaan Electron matter optics and an electron Mach -Zehnder interferometer
Lu Yuan December 2006 Sy-Hwang Liou Study of magnetic layers in magnetic sensors Lu Yuan LinkedIn Profile
Brandon Jordon-Thaden December 2005 Duane Jaecks Temporal associations in the massive three -body Coulomb interacting systems of D++D++D - and H++H++H- Brandon Jordon-Thaden LinkedIn Profile
Christina Othon December 2005 Steve Ducharme Switching dynamics of ferroelectric Langmuir -Blodgett copolymer films Christina Othon Google Scholar Profile Christina Othon LinkedIn Profile Christina Othon ResearchGate Profile
Luis Rosa December 2005 Peter Dowben Water interactions with the crystalline ferroelectric copolymer poly(vinylidene fluoride) with trifluoroethylene Luis Rosa Google Scholar Profile Luis Rosa LinkedIn Profile
Ildar Sabirianov December 2005 Bernard Doudin Magnetic tunnel junctions in nanowires Ildar Sabirianov ResearchGate Profile
Andrei Istomin August 2005 Anthony Starace Correlation, nondipole, and entanglement effects in atomic and spin-based systems Andrei Istomin LinkedIn Profile Andrei Istomin ResearchGate Profile