Let curiosity move you to major or minor in physics!


As a physics major you will study matter and energy and their interactions. Physics is not just a body of knowledge— it is a set of approaches that will allow you to solve all kinds of problems. Physics seeks to describe the most basic features of a system and the underlying general rules that govern them. These rules are powerful tools for understanding that system and similar ones that you may encounter later.

Beyond the core curriculum of physics, math and chemistry coursework, dive deep into one of four options based on your interest.


  • Computational Physics—for coursework in computer science in addition to physics
  • Materials Physics—for coursework in chemistry and materials science in addition to physics
  • Optics and Lasers—for employment or graduate study in optical or laser physics or related engineering disciplines
  • Professional—for the broadest study in experimental physics and astronomy


In the College of Arts and Sciences, we know experience is valuable and goes beyond the classroom. We strive to help you connect your academics with research, internships, education abroad, service learning and leadership experiences. Take advantage of opportunities in physics such as:

  • Studying abroad in Iceland to learn about renewable energy and sustainability
  • Serving as the UNL Society of Physics Students president
  • Interning with Holland Computing
  • Researching optics and laser physics
  • Volunteering with the Holmes Lake Observatory


Because the study of physics develops such strong analytical skills, physicists go into a wide variety of careers such as engineering, law, medicine, computer science and information technology, optical and laser science and materials science. Many physicists work in government or industrial laboratories, but some start their own businesses Here are examples of recent graduates’ employment:

  • Process Engineer I / GARMIN
  • Science Teacher 9-12 / MILLARD PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  • Science Teacher / LINCOLN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  • Software Developer Engineer / CSG INTERNATIONAL
  • Software Developer / APPLIED UNDERWRITERS
  • Systems Programmer / BRYAN HEALTH
  • Technician / J.A. WOOLLAM