GPQ Volume 13

WINTER 1993 VOL. 13/NO. 1

The Drama of Law in the Nebraska State Capitol: Sculpture and Inscriptions Robert Haller 3

The United States Army as a Constabulary on the Northern Plains Larry D. Ball 21

The Farm Policy Debate of 1949-50: Plains State Reaction to the Brannan Plan Virgil W. Dean 33


Malcolm: The Life of a Man Who Changed Black America by Bruce Perry, reviewed by Learthen Dorsey 47

New Mexico's Buffalo Soldiers, 1866-1900 by Monroe Lee Billington, reviewed by William M. King 48

The Dispossession of the American Indian, 1887-1934 by Janet A. McDonnell, reviewed by Thomas E. Ross 48

American Indians and World War II by Alison R. Bernstein, reviewed by John R. Wunder 49

Wounded Knee Lest We Forget by Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., Trudy Thomas, and Jeanne Eder, reviewed by John R. Wunder 50

Wounded Knee 1973: A Personal Account by Stanley David Lyman, edited by Floyd A. O'Neil, June K. Lyman, and Susan McKay, reviewed by John R. Wunder 50

War Dance: Plains Indian Musical Performance by William K. Powers, reviewed by Mark Mattern 52

Yellowtail: Crow Medicine Man and Sun Dance Chief as told to Michael Oren Fitzgerald, reviewed by Todd Kerstetter 53

John Rollin Ridge: His Life & Works by James W. Parins, reviewed by Kevin Mulroy 54

People of the Willows: The Prehistory and Early History of the Hadatsa Indians by Stanley A. Ahler, Thomas D. Thiessen, and Michael K. Trimble, reviewed by Gregory L. Fox 55

The Cherokees: A Population History by Russell Thornton, reviewed by Cynthia E. Willis 55

Pawnee Passage, 1870-1875 by Martha Royce, reviewed by Oliver Fröhling 56

Cavalier in Buckskin: George Armstrong Custer and the Western Military Frontier by Robert M. Utley, reviewed by John D. McDermott 57

Custer's Last Campaign: Mitch Boyer and the Little Bighorn Reconstructed by John S. Gray, foreword by Robert M. Utley, reviewed by John D. McDermott 57

The Great Sioux War 1876-77: The Best from "Montana The Magazine of Western History" edited by Paul L. Hedren, reviewed by John D. McDermott 57

The Custer Reader edited by Paul Andrew Hutton, reviewed by James Briscoe 58

Spanish Borderlands Sourcebooks: The Spanish Missions of New Mexico edited with an introduction by John L. Kessell and Rick Hendricks, reviewed by Ralph H. Vigil 59

Quivira: Europeans in the Region of the Santa Fe Trail, 1540-1820 by William Brandon, reviewed by Jane MacLaren Walsh 60

Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography by Dan L. Thrapp, reviewed by David Wishart 61

Roadside History of Oklahoma by Francis L. and Roberta B. Fugate, reviewed by Brad Bays 61

Roadside Geology of Texas by Darwin Spearing, reviewed by David B. Loope 62


SPRING 1993 VOL. 13/NO. 2

Exploring the Great Plains: An Introduction Gary E. Moulton 67

New World Encounters: Exploring the Great Plains of North America John L. Allen 69

Exploring the Explorers: Great Plains Peoples and the Lewis and Expedition James P. Ronda 81

An American Heart of Darkness: The 1913 Expedition for American Indian Citizenship Russel Lawrence Barsh 91

How Far West Am I?: The Almanac as an Explorer's Yardstick Arlen J. Large 117


Populism: Its Rise and Fall by William A. Peffer, edited with an introduction by Peter H. Argersinger, reviewed by Homer E. Socolofsky 132

A Country So Interesting: The Hudson's Bay Company and Two Centuries of Mapping, 1670-1870 by Richard I. Ruggles, reviewed by Paul Hackett 133

PrairyErth (a deep map) by William Least Heat-Moon, reviewed by Joseph J. Wydeven 133

Under an Open Sky: Rethinking America's Western Past by William Cronon, George Miles, and Jay Gitlin, reviewed by Marguerite Helmers 134

The Range by Sherm Ewing, reviewed by Don Gayton 135

Settlers' Children: Growing Up on the Great Plains by Elizabeth Hampsten, reviewed by Paula M. Nelson 136

Land in Her Own Name: Women as Homesteaders in North Dakota by H. Elaine Lindgren, reviewed by Evelyn Funda 137

Agrarian Women: Wives and Mothers in Rural Nebraska, 1880-1940 by Deborah Fink, reviewed by Evelyn Funda 137


SUMMER 1993 VOL. 13/NO. 3

Categories and Terrains of Exclusion: Constructing the "Indian Woman" in the Early Settlement Era in Western Canada Sarah Carter 147

Marguerite LaFlesche Diddock: Office of Indian Affairs Field Matron Lisa Emmerich 162

Susan LaFlesche Picotte, M.D.: Nineteenth-Centurey Physician and Reformer Valerie Sherer Mathes 172

The North Dakota Anti-Garb Law: Constitutional Conflict and Religious Strife Linda Grathwohl 187


Wyoming Biographies by Lawrence M. Woods, reviewed by Susan H. Swetnam 203

Railroads Triumphant: The Growth, Rejection & Rebirth of a Vital American Force by Albro Martin, reviewed by James W. Ely, Jr. 204


FALL 1993 VOL. 13/NO. 4

Unplighted Troths: Causes for Divorce in a Frontier Town Toward the End of the Nineteenth Century C. Robert Haywood 211

Lands, Laws, and Women: Decisions of the General Land Office, 1881-1920 -- A Preliminary Report Nancy Taniguchi 223

The "Liquid Gold" Rush Groundwater Irrigation and Law in Nebraska, 1900-93 Sam S. Kepfield 237


Victorian West: Class and Culture in Kansas Cattle Towns by C. Robert Haywood, reviewed by Frederick C. Luebke 251

Groundwater Exploitation in the High Plains edited by David E. Kromm and Stephen E. White, index and foreword by Gilbert F. White, reviewed by Sam Kepfield 252

Henry A. Wallace's Irrigation Frontier: On the Trail of the Corn Belt Farmer edited by Richard Lowitt and Judith Fabry, reviewed by Sam Kepfield 252

Prevailing Over Time: Ethnic Adjustment on the Kansas Prairies, 1875-1925 by D. Aidan McQuillan, reviewed by Susan E. Gray 253

The Changing Image of the City: Planning for Downtown Omaha, 1945-1973 by Janet R. Daly-Bednarek, reviewed by Harl A. Dalstrom 254

Cheyenne Bottoms: Wetland in Jeopardy by John L. Zimmerman, foreword by Jan Garton, reviewed by Ernest Rousek 254

Aboriginal Water Rights in Canada: A Study of Aboriginal Title to Water and Indian Rights by Richard H. Bartlett, reviewed by Theron Josephson 255

Nebraska Moments: Glimpses of Nebraska's Past by Donald R. Hickey, reviewed by Michael W. Schuyler 256

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