GPQ Volume 38

GPQ 38.1 cover

WINTER 2018 VOL. 38/ No. 1

Editor's Note, v

Invited Essay: The New Learning about Homesteading, Richard Edwards, 1-23
Keywords: community, farm formation, fraud, Homestead Act of 1862, women

"Bad Faith": The Unsuccessful Attempt to Site a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility in Nebraska, 1982–2005, Andrew Newman, 25-51
Keywords: community consent, decision-making, nuclear power, US federal regulations

Busting Broncos and Breaking New Ground: Reassessing the Legacies of Canadian Cowboys John Ware and Tom Three Persons, Robert Kossuth, 53-75
Keywords: Alberta, black Canadians, Blackfoot Confederacy, Kainai Nation, ranching, rodeo

The Civil War on the Northern Plains: John Pope's Military Policies against the Sioux in the Department of the Northwest, 1862–65, Michael Burns, 77-103
Keywords: Dakota Territories, Dakota War of 1862, Indian reservations, punitive expeditions, US Army

Review Essay: New Explorations in Black Mobility and Politics in the Nineteenth-Century West, Jeannette Eileen Jones, 105-112


How Canadians Communicate VI: Food Promotion, Consumption, and Controversy ed. by Charlene Elliott, reviewed by Shawna Holmes, 113

Urban Villages and Local Identities: Germans from Russia, Omaha Indians, and Vietnamese in Lincoln, Nebraska by Kurt E. Kinbacher, reviewed by Kevin Bower, 114

A Traveler's Companion to North Dakota State Historic Sites, reviewed by Kimberly K. Porter, 114

Shaping a World Already Made: Landscape and Poetry of the Canadian Prairies by Carl J. Tracie reviewed by Molly P. Rozum, 115

Moccasin and Foote Creeks: A Brown County Saga of Challenge and Response, 1880s–2013 by Arthur Buntin reviewed by Dale Potts, 116

 The Missouri River Journals of John James Audubon by John James Audubon reviewed by Gregory Nobles, 117

 The Life of Ten Bears: Comanche Historical Narratives by Francis Joseph Attocknie, reviewed by Steven Sielaff, 118

The Ground on Which I Stand: Tamina, a Freedmen's Town by Marti Corn, reviewed by James M. Sorelle, 119

Thrashing Seasons: Sporting Culture in Manitoba and the Genesis of Prairie Wrestling by C. Nathan Hatton, reviewed by Eunice G. Pollack, Stephen H. Norwood, 120

Horse-and-Buggy Genius: Listening to Mennonites Contest the Modern World by Royden Loewen, reviewed by L. Good Gingrich, 122

Photographing Custer's Battlefield: The Images of Kenneth F. Roahen by Sandy Barnard, reviewed by Tim Lehman, 123

Twentieth-Century Oklahoma: Reflections on the Forty-Sixth State by Richard Lowitt, reviewed by Kurt Lively, 124

Lone Star Unionism, Dissent, and Resistance: Other Sides of Civil War Texas ed. by Jesus F. De La Teja, reviewed by Thomas Summerhill, 125

A Culture's Catalyst: Historical Encounters with Peyote and the Native American Church in Canada by Fannie Kahan, reviewed by, Stacy B. Schaefer, Professor Emerita, 126

Mixed Blessings: Indigenous Encounters with Christianity in Canada eds. by Tolly Bradford and Chelsea Horton, reviewed by Alan L. Hayes, 127

GPQ 38.2 cover

SPRING 2018 VOL. 38/ No. 2

Invited Essay: To Commute or Not Commute, the Homesteader’s Dilemma, Richard Edwards, 129-150
Keywords: commutation, fraud, Great Plains, homestead, income, settler

Farming by Rail: Demonstration Trains and the Rise of Mobile Agricultural Science in the Great Plains, David D. Vail, 151-174
Keywords: agriculture, Colorado, Cooperative Extension, Perry G. Holden, George W. Holdrege, Kansas, Nebraska, railroad specials

For Race and Region: A Brief History of the Western Negro Press Association, 1896–1920, Paul Emory Putz, 175-198
Keywords: African American, Nick Chiles, civil rights, newspaper, Oklahoma, racial uplift, Booker T. Washington

Making the Buffalo Commons New Again: Rangeland Restoration and Bison Reintroduction in the Montana Highline, John Davenport, 199-225
Keywords: American Prairie Reserve, cultural geography, environmental narrative, New West, pre-European settlement

Review Essay: In Search of Wakȟáŋ, Rani-Henrik Andersson, 227-235


My Decade at Old Sun, My Lifetime of Hell by Arthur Bear Chief, reviewed by Jennifer Stern, 237

Hitler’s Ostkrieg and the Indian Wars: Comparing Genocide and Conquest by Edward B. Westermann, reviewed by Roy G. Koepp, 238

A People of Two Kingdoms: Stories of Kansas Mennonites in Politics by James C. Juhnke, reviewed by Mark Marston Norris, 238

Imperial Plots: Women, Land, and the Spadework of British Colonialism on the Canadian Prairies by Sarah Carter, reviewed by Sheila McManus, 240

George Sword’s Warrior Narratives: Compositional Processes in Lakota Oral Tradition by Delphine Red Shirt, reviewed by Debra K. S. Barker, 240

Insurgent Democracy: The Nonpartisan League in North American Politics by Michael J. Lansing, reviewed by Ben Keppel, 241

Harvest of Hazards: Family Farming, Accidents, and Expertise in the Corn Belt, 1940–1975 by Derek S. Oden, reviewed by Brandi Janssen, 242

Proof: Photographs from Four Generations of a Texas Family by Byrd M. Williams IV, reviewed by Robin Dru Germany, 243

Homesteading the Plains: Toward a New History by Richard Edwards, Jacob K. Friefeld, and Rebecca S. Wingo, reviewed by Andrew Husa, 244

Baking Powder Wars: The Cutthroat Food Fight that Revolutionized Cooking by Linda Civitello, reviewed by Cynthia Ross, 245

Driving Across Kansas: A Guide to I-70 by Ted Cable and Wayne Maley, reviewed by Travis Smith, 246

Jefferson’s America: The President, the Purchase, and the Explorers who Transformed a Nation by Julie M. Fenster, reviewed by Gene Allen Smith, 247

The Touch of Civilization: Comparing American and Russian Internal Colonization by Steven Sabol, reviewed by David Moon, 248

Kiowa Belief and Ritual by Benjamin R. Kracht, reviewed by Andrew McKenzie, 249

GPQ 38.3 cover

SUMMER 2018 VOL. 38/ No. 3

2017 Frederick C. Luebke Award, p. iii
"Land Was One of the Greatest Gifts": Women's Landownership in Dakota Indian, Immigrant Scandinavian, and African American Communities
Karen V. Hansen, Grey Osterud, Valerie Grim, 251-272
Decoding L. Frank Baum's and W. W. Denslow's Wicked Witch of the West
Willard W. Radell Jr., 273-293
Staking Their Claim: DeWitty and Black Homesteaders in Nebraska
Mikal Brotnov Eckstrom, Richard Edwards, 295-317


Touring the West with Leaping Lena, 1925 by W. C. Clark, reviewed by John T. Bauer, 319

Wild Spaces, Open Seasons: Hunting and Fishing in American Art ed. by Kevin Sharp, reviewed by Larkin A. Powell, 320

Capturing Education: Envisioning and Building the First Tribal Colleges by Paul Boyer, reviewed by Lionel R. Bordeaux, 320-321

Little Mosque on the Prairie and the Paradoxes of Cultural Translation by Kyle Conway, reviewed by Earle Waugh, 321-322

Smoke Over Oklahoma: The Railroad Photographs of Preston George by Augustus J. Veenendaal Jr., reviewed by Kurt Lively, 322-323

Wish You Were Here: Love and Longing in an American Heartland by Zachary Michael Jack, reviewed by Maria Nazos, 323-324

Music at NDSU by Robert Groves, reviewed by Katherine Norman Dearden, 324-325

John Joseph Mathews: Life of an Osage Writer by Michael Snyder, reviewed by Tink Tinker, 325-326

This Land: An American Portrait by Jack Spencer, reviewed by Kat Krutak-Bickert, 326-327

Populism and Imperialism: Politics, Culture, and Foreign Policy in the American West, 1890-1900 by Nathan Jessen, reviewed by Mark S. Joy, 327-328

Dream Like a Champion: Wins, Losses, and Leadership the Nebraska Volleyball Way by John Cook, reviewed by Nicole Venditte, 328

Recovering Native American Writings in the Boarding School Press ed. by Jacqueline Emery, reviewed by Lydia Presley, 328-329

The American Elsewhere: Adventure and Manliness in the Age of Expansion by Jimmy L. Bryan Jr., reviewed by Cory Willard, 329-330

Tending the Fire: Native Voices and Portraits by Christopher Felver, reviewed by Chadwick Allen, 330-331