GPQ Volume 2

WINTER 1982 VOL. 2/NO. 1

American Pioneer Landscapes: An Introduction 3

The Pioneer Landscape: An American Dream David Lowenthal 5

Learning to Read the Pioneer Landscape: Braudel, Eliade, Turner and Benton John Opie 20

The Cultural Landscape of the Pawnees Richard White 31

Towns of the Western Railroads John C. Hudson 41

Plains Landscapes and Changing Visions John Milton 55


SPRING 1982 VOL. 2/NO. 2

David's Sabine Women in the Wild West Rena N. Coen 67

The Arikara Indians and the Missouri River Trade: A Quest for Survival Roger L. Nichols 77

The Landscape of Ukrainian Settlement in the Canadian West John C. Lehr 94

Passion and Denial in Mari Sandoz's "Peachestone Basket" Fritz Oehlschlaeger 106


Anthropology on the Great Plains edited by W. Raymond Wood and Margot Liberty, reviewed by David Wishart 114

Thomas Jefferson and the Stony Mountains: Exploring the West from Monticello by Donald Jackson, reviewed by Robert McColley 115

Stephen Long and American Frontier Exploration by Roger L. Nichols and Patrick L. Halley, reviewed by John L. Allen 115

Trails to Texas: Southern Roots of Western Cattle Ranching by Terry G. Jordan, reviewed by Sandra L. Myers 116

The Chisholm Trail: High Road of the Cattle Kingdom by Don Worcester, reviewed by Joe A. Stout, Jr. 117

A Harvest Yet to Reap: A History of Prairie Women researched and compiled by Linda Rasmussen, Lorna Rasmussen, Candace Savage, and Anne Wheeler, reviewed by Glenda Riley 118

Frontierswomen: The Iowa Experience by Glenda Riley, reviewed by Barbara Howard Meldrum 119

Pioneer Women: Voices from the Kansas Frontier by Joanna L. Stratton, reviewed by Darlis A. Miller 120

The Indians in Oklahoma by Rennard Strickland, reviewed by Arrell Morgan Gibson 121

The Poles in Oklahoma by Richard M. Bernard, reviewed by Maria Starczewska-Lambasa 121

Ethnicity on the Great Plains edited by Frederick C. Luebke, reviewed by Howard Palmer 122

The Oklahoma Petroleum Industry by Kenny A. Franks, reviewed by Gerald D. Nash 123

Sinclair Ross by Lorraine McMullen, reviewed by Geraldine Anthony 124

Oklahoma Homes: Past and Present by Charles R. Goins and John W. Morris, reviewed by H. Keith Sawyers 125

SUMMER 1982 VOL. 2/NO. 3

Regional Differences in Plains Indian Painting Mary Jane Schneider 131

The Plains Landscape and Descriptive Technique Robert Thacker 146

Nostalgic Reaction and the Canadian Prairie Landscape Ronald Rees 157

Citizens and Strangers: Geographic Mobility in the Sioux City Region, 1860-1900 William Silag 168


The Great Plains: Perspectives and Prospects by Merlin P Lawson and Maurice E. Baker, reviewed by Martin Bender 184

Red Crow, Warrior Chief by Hugh A. Dempsey, reviewed by John C. Ewers 185

The Plains Cree: An Ethnographic, Historical and Comparative Study by David G. Mandelbaum, reviewed by Warren W. Caldwell 186

The North Dakota Political Tradition edited by Thomas W. Howard, reviewed by Edward C. Blackorby 187

The Ranchers: A Book of Generations by Stan Steiner, reviewed by Roger L. Welsch 188


FALL 1982 VOL. 2/NO. 4

Willa Cather and Nebraska: An Introduction 193

The Uses of Biography: The Case of Willa Cather James Woodress 195

The Childhood Worlds of Willa Cather Mildred R. Bennett 204

An Exploration of Cather's Early Writing Bernice Slote 210

O'Pioneers! The Problem of Structure Bruce P. Baker II 218

Marriage and Friendship in My Ántonia David Stouck 224

One of Ours as American Naturalism John J. Murphy 232

Willa Cather's A Lost Lady: Art Versus the Closing Frontier Susan J. Rosowski 240


Historic Sites along the Oregon Trail by Aubrey L. Haines, reviewed by Merrill J. Mattes 249

Army Letters from an Officer's Wife by Frances M.A. Roe, reviewed by Robert M. Utley 249

Deadwood: The Golden Years by Watson Parker, reviewed by Gary D. Olson 250

Buffalo Bill and the Wild West by Peter H. Hassrick, Richard Slotkin, Vine Deloria, Fr., Howard R. Lamar, William Judson, and Leslie A. Fiedler, reviewed by William H. Goetzmann 251

Populism, Progressivism, and the Transformation of Nebraska Politics, 1885-1915 by Robert W. Cherny, reviewed by David S. Trask 252

Beef, Leather and Grass by Edmund Randolph, reviewed by Michael P. Malone 253

The Modern Cowboy by John R. Erickson, reviewed by Nellie Snyder Yost 254

Mister, You Got Yourself a Horse edited by Roger L. Welsch, reviewed by Howard W. Marshall 254

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