GPQ Volume 14

WINTER 1994 VOL. 14/NO. 1

International Influences on the Great Plains: An Introduction Frances W. Kaye 3

Maximilian, Prince of Wied (178201867), Reconsidered Paul Schach 5

A North American Connection: Women in Prairie Novels Ann Barnard 21

Plains and Prairie: Space, History, and the Literary Imagination, in Australia and the United States Don D. Walker 29


Mills & Mine: The CF&I in the Twentieth Century by H. Lee Scamehorn, reviewed by Clare V. McKanna, Jr. 49

Letters of Mari Sandoz edited by Helen Winter Stauffer, reviewed by Betsy Downey 50

Homesteading Women: An Oral History of Colorado, 1890-1950 by Julie Jones-Eddy, reviewed by Evelyn I. Funda 51

The Adventures of a Woman Homesteader: The Life and Letters of Elinore Pruitt Stewart by Susanne K. George, reviewed by Sue Hart 51

The Vanishing American: White Attitudes and U.S. Indian Policy by Brian W. Dippie, reviewed by Robin Ridington and Jillian Ridington 52

Winged Words: American Indian Writers Speak by Laura Coltelli, reviewed by Lisa Knopp-Ramsay 53

Sending My Heart Back Across the Years: Tradition and Innovation in Native American Autobiography by Hertha Wong, reviewed by Kari Forbes-Boyte 54

Madonna Swan: A Lakota Woman's Story told through Mark St. Pierre, reviewed by Beatrice Medicine 55

Relations of Rescue: The Search for Female Moral Authority in the American West, 1874-1939 by Peggy Pascoe, reviewed by Karen Morin 56

The Ghost-Dance Religion and the Sioux Outbreak of 1890 by James Mooney, reviewed by Benjamin R. Kracht 57

The Osage Ceremonial Dance I'n-Lon-Schka by Alice Anne Callahan, reviewed by Mark J. Swetland 58

A Dakota-English Dictionary by Stephen R. Riggs, edited by James Owen Dorsey, reviewed by Allan R. Taylor 59

An English-Dakota Dictionary by John P. Williamson, reviewed by Allan R. Taylor 59

The Dog's Children: Anishinaabe Texts Told by Angeline Williams edited by Leonard Bloomfield and John Nichols, reviewed by Paul C. Brooke 60

Indians of North America: The Creeks by Michael D. Green, reviewed by C.B. Clark 60

Objects of Change: The Archaeology and History of Arikara Contact with Europeans by J. Daniel Rogers, reviewed by Joseph C. Porter 61

Without Quarter: The Wichita Expedition and the Fight on Crooked Creek by William Y. Chalfant, foreword by Paul Andrew Hutton, illustrations by Roy Grinnell, reviewed by Charles Kenner 62

Fort Meade and the Black Hills by Robert Lee, reviewed by Charles Kenner 62

Yellowstone Command: Colonel Nelson A. Miles and the Great Sioux Was 1876-1877 by Jerome A. Greene, reviewed by Charles Kenner 62

Myles Keogh: The Life and Legend of an "Irish Dragoon" in the Seventh Cavalry edited by John P. Langellier, Kurt Hamilton Cox, and Brian C. Pohanka, reviewed by Michael L. Tate 63

Farmers, Hunters, and Colonists: Interaction Between the Southwest and Southern Plains edited by Katherine A. Spielman, reviewed by Russell M. Magnaghi 64

Kiva, Cross, and Crown: The Pecos Indians and New Mexico 1540-1840 by John L. Kessell, reviewed by Charles R. Cutter 65

Indians of North America: The Chickasaw by Duane K. Hale and Arrell M. Gibson, reviewed by L.G. Moses 66

The Texas Cherokees: A People Between Two Fires, 1819-1840 by Dianna Everett, reviewed by Brad A. Bays 66

Atlas of American Indian Affairs by Francis Paul Prucha, reviewed by Larry Burt 68

Eyewitness at Wounded Knee by Richard E. Jensen, R. Eli Paul, and John E. Carter, reviewed by Susan A. Miller 68

Tejano Origins in Eighteenth-Century San Antonio edited by Gerald E. Poyo and Gilberto M. Hinojosa, reviewed by Paul D. Lack 70

From the Prairies with Hope by Jane L. Aberson, edited by Robert E. VanderVennen, introduced by Mark Boekelman, reviewed by Becky Faber 70

My Dear Maggie: Letters from a Western Manitoba Pioneer by William Wallace, edited by Kenneth S. Coates and William R. Morrison, reviewed by Becky Faber 70

Harry Kirke Wolfe: Pioneer in Psychology by Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr., reviewed by Kevin B. Miller 71

Gardening in the Heartland by Rachel Snyder, reviewed by Amy Greving 72

The Anglican Church and the World of Western Canada, 1820-1970 edited by Barry Ferguson, reviewed by John C. Scott, O.S.B. 72

The Cattle-Trailing Industry: Between Supply and Demand, 1866-1890 by Jimmy M. Skaggs, reviewed by Kenneth Dagel 73

The Catch Pen edited by Len Ainsworth and Kenneth R. Davis, reviewed by Jill Morstad 74

Wyoming Time and Again: Rephotographing the Scenes of J.E. Stimson by Michael A. Amundsen, reviewed by Phil Roberts 74

Larger Than Life: The American Tall-Tale Postcard, 1905-1915 by Cynthia Elyce Rubin and Morgan Williams, reviewed by Lana Miller 75


SPRING 1994 VOL. 14/NO. 2

Architecture and the Great Plains: An Introduction H. Keith Sawyers 83

Jeich Antonie: Czechs, The Land, Cather, and the Pavelka Farmstead David Murphy 85

Writing the Little House: The Architecture of a Series Ann Romines 107

Living in the Depot: The Two-Story Railroad Station on the Northern Plains H. Roger Grant 117

"The Best Kind of Building": The New Deal Landscape of the Northern Plains, " 1933-42 Carroll Van West 129


The Home Plot: Women, Writing and Domestic Ritual by Ann Romines, reviewed by Evelyn I. Funda 142

The Ghost in the Little House: A Life of Rose Wilder Lane by William Holtz, reviewed by Alan Wilkinson 143

A Nebraska Portfolio by Robert Hanna, reviewed by Howard Kaye 143

Regional Studies: The Interplay of Land and People edited by Glen E. Lich, reviewed by James N. McCrorie 144

Under Western Skies: Nature and History in the American West by Donald Worster, reviewed by Donald J. Pisani 145

Writing Western History: Essays on Major Western Historians edited by Richard W. Etulain, reviewed by Frederick C. Luebke 146

The Eagle Bird: Mapping a New West by Charles F. Wilkinson, reviewed by Francis Moul 148

Deer Women and Elk Men: The Lakota Narratives of Ella Deloria by Julian Rice, reviewed by Holly Rae Boomer 149

Nebraska Diamonds: A Brief History of Baseball Major Leaguers from the Cornhusker State by Jerry E. Clark, reviewed by Stu Fliger Burns 150

Freedom on the Border: The Seminole Maroons in Florida, the Indian Territory, Coahuila, and Texas by Kevin Mulroy, reviewed by Rebecca B. Bateman 151

Buffalo Guns & Barbed Wire: Two Frontier Accounts by Don Hampton Biggers, reviewed by Bob Ross 151

Catalog of the Colorado Flora: A Biodiversity Baseline by William A. Weber and Ronald C. Wittmann, reviewed by Dieter Wilken 152

From Cody to the World: The First Seventy-five Years of the Buffalo Bill Memorial Association by Richard A. Bartlett, reviewed by Lawrence Sommer 153


SUMMER 1994 VOL. 14/NO. 3

Regionalism, Postmodernism, and Robert Kroetsch: An Introduction Robert Kroetsch 163

"Gone Back to Alberta": Robert Kroetsch Rewriting the Great Plains Frances W. Kaye and Robert Thacker 167

The Studhorse Man: Translating the Boundaries of Text Carol L. Beran 185

The Mediator is the Message: Anna Dawe, Cana-Dawe, and Bad Lands as a State of Mind Bruce A. Butterfield 195

Inhabiting the Dangerous Middle of the Space Between: An Intramodernist Reading of Kroetsch's Gone Indian Mary K. Kirtz 207


Aberhart: Outpourings and Replies edited by David R. Elliott, reviewed by Robert Kroetsch 218

The Sternberg Fossil Hunters: A Dinosaur Dynasty by Katherine Rogers, reviewed by Gregory Brown 219

Wedded to the Cause: Ukrainian-Canadian Women and Ethnic Identity, 1891-1991 by Frances Swyripa, reviewed by Mary K. Kirtz 219

Without Reserve: Stories from Urban Natives by Linda Shorten, reviewed by Patricia A. McCormack 221

The Administration of Dominion Lands, 1870-1930 by Kirk N. Lambrecht, reviewed by Barry Kaye 222

Surveying the Canadian Pacific: Memoir of a Railroad Pioneer by R.M. Rylatt, reviewed by Alec Paul 223

The Railway King of Canada: Sir William Mackenzie, 1849-1923 by R.R. Fleming, reviewed by Alec Paul 223

Métis Lands in Manitoba by Thomas Flanagan, reviewed by John E. Foster 224

Buffalo edited by John Foster, Dick Harrison, and I.S. MacLaren, reviewed by Ken Zontek 225

La frontiera del grano (1896-1918): L'Ovest nella storia canadese by Valeria Gennaro Lerda, reviewed by Walter Centuori 226

Writing the Circle: Native Women of Western Canada edited by Jeanne Perreault and Sylvia Vance, preface by Emma LaRocque, introduction by Gloria Bird, reviewed by Janice C. Miller 227

For an Amerindian Autohistory: An Essay on the Foundations of a Social Ethic by Georges E. Sioui, translated by Sheila Fischman, reviewed by H. David Brumble 228

The Cree Language is Our Identity: The La Ronge Lectures of Sarah Whitecalf edited and translated by H.C. Wolfart and Freda Ahenakew, reviewed by Rory Larson 229

Pioneering Policing in Southern Alberta: Dean of the Mounties, 1888-1914 edited by William M. Baker, reviewed by Larry D. Ball 230

Prince Charming Goes West: The Story of the E.P. Ranch by Simon Evans, reviewed by Larry A. McFarlane 230


FALL 1994 VOL. 14/NO. 4

Admiring Advocate of the Great Plains: Father Pierre-Jean De Smet, S.J., on the Middle Missouri Robert Carriker 243

Walking the Sky: Visionary Traditions of the Great Plains Lee Irwin 257

"A God-Forsaken Place" Folk Eschatology and the Dust Bowl Brad Lookingbill 273

The Necessity of Narrative in William Least Heat-Moon's Blue Highways and Prairyerth Pamela Walker 287


Pike's Peak Vision: The Broadmoor Art Academy, 1919-1945 by Stanley L Cuba and Elizabeth Cunningham, reviewed by Barbara Racker 298

A Whirlwind Passes: News Correspondents and the Sioux Indian Disturbances of 1890-1891 by George R. Kolbenschlag, reviewed by Todd Kerstetter 299

The Upstream People: An Annotated Research Bibliography of the Omaha Tribe by Michael L. Tate, reviewed by Mark J. Swetland 300

The Lincoln County War: A Documentary History by Frederick Nolan, reviewed by Harold J. Weiss, Jr. 300

Kansas History: An Annotated Bibliography by Homer E. Socolofsky and Virgil W. Dean, reviewed by Patrick G. O'Brien 301

Historical Atlas of Kansas by Homer E. Socolofsky and Huber Self, reviewed by Patrick O'Brien 301

A Prairie Populist: The Memoirs of Luna Kellie edited by Jane Taylor Nelsen, reviewed by Susan Sessions Rugh 302

INDEX, 306