GPR 29.1 cover

SPRING 2019 VOL. 29/NO. 1

Delineating a Regional Education Research Agenda, Edmund T. Hamann (guest editor), ix-xii

Framing an Education Research Agenda of the Great Plains: A Higher Education Scenario, Marjorie Kostelnik, 1-16

Research On vs. Research With: 21st-Century Cross-Cultural Collaboration and American Indian Education, Vanessa Hamilton, Carlton LeCount, Nicole Parker Cariaga, Kristine Sudbeck, 17-24

Ecological Responsibility, Landscape Literacy, and the Aesthetic Awareness of Place, Carolyn Albracht, 25-32

Valuing Rural Dexterity: Experiential Funds of Knowledge, Science Education, and Rural Kids, Amanda R. Morales, 33-40

Book Reviews

  • After Oil by Petrocultures Research Group, reviewed by Gavin Bridge, 41-42

  • Grasses of the Great Plains by James Stubbendieck, Stephen L. Hatch, and Cheryl D. Dunn, reviewed by Clenton E. Owensby, 42
  • Impeached: The Removal of Texas Governor James E. Ferguson ed. by Jessica Brannon-Wranosky and Bruce A. Glasrud, reviewed by William H. De Soto, 42-43
  • Weather in Texas: The Essential Handbook by George W. Bomar, reviewed by John W. Nielsen-Gammon, 43-44
  • Defending Faith: The Politics of the Christian Conservative Legal Movement by Daniel Bennett, reviewed by Amanda Hollis-Brusky, 44-45
  • The Last Stand of the Pack: Critical Edition by Arthur H. Carhart in collaboration with Stanley P. Young. Edited by Andrew Gulliford and Tom Wolf, reviewed by Sharon Wilcox, 45
  • Nuevo South: Latinas/os, Asians, and the Remaking of Place by Perla M. Guerrero, reviewed by Emily Mitchell-Eaton, 46-47
  • Elevations: A Personal Exploration of the Arkansas River by Max McCoy, reviewed by Michael Farrell, 47-48
  • Reimagining Environmental History: Ecological Memory in the Wake of Landscape Change by Christian Knoeller, reviewed by Christopher W. Sudol, 48
  • Justice Robert H. Jackson's Unpublished Opinion in Brown v. Board: Conflict, Compromises, and Constitutional Interpretation by David O'Brien, reviewed by Michael W. Combs, 49

News and Notes, 50

GPR 29.2 cover

FALL 2019 VOL. 29/NO. 2

2019 Stubbendieck Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize Winner: No Place Like Home: Lessons in Activism from LGBT Kansas by C. J. Janovy, Christina E. Dando, 51-53

Invited Essay: Field Notes: Exploring the STEM-Humanities History of Nebraska's Agriculture: Expanded Remarks for the 2018 Warner Lecture, David D. Vail, 55-69

Invited Essay: Ecology, Culture, and Spirituality in the Nebraska Sandhills, John O'Keefe, James L. Leighter, Mary Ann Vinton, 71-81

Immigration, Threat, and Trust in Government in Changing Rural Communities, Brian R. Hanson, Thomas A. Ringenberg, Juan L. Urbano, 83-106

Campus-Based Ecotourism: A Case Study on the Power of Local EcotourismRegina E. Robbins, Travis R. Robbins, Mark Frailey, 107-121

Appeal for a Comprehensive Assessment of the Potential Ecological Impacts of the Proposed Platte-Republican Diversion Project, Andrew J. Caven, Emma M. Brinley Buckley, Joshua D. Wiese, Bill Taddicken, Brice Krohn, Timothy J. Smith, Andrew Pierson, 123-135

Revealing "Salt City's" Geological and Mining Heritage at Strataca, Catherine L. Ronck, William R. Price, 137-151

Solving a Periglacial Puzzle: Pleistocene Polygonal Ground in North-Central Nebraska, R. M. Joeckel, P. R. Hanson, L. M. Howard, 153-168

Book Reviews

  • Small Cities, Big Issues: Reconceiving Community in a Neoliberal Era ed. by Christopher Walmsley and Terrance Kading, reviewed by Mervyn Horgan, 169

  • The City That Ate Itself: Butte, Montana and Its Expanding Berkeley Pit by Brian James Leech, reviewed by Frank Van Nuys, 170

  • The End of Sustainability: Resilience and the Future of Environmental Governance in the Anthropocene by Melinda Harm Benson and Robin Kundis Craig, reviewed by Margot Hurlbert, 170-171

  • Reservation Politics: Historical Trauma, Economic Development, and Intratribal Conflict by Raymond J. Orr, reviewed by Keith Richotte Jr., 171-172

  • Costly Fix: Power, Politics, and Nature in the Tar Sands by Ian Urquhart, reviewed by Kyle Conway, 172-173

  • The Prairie Populist: George Hara Williams and the Untold Story of the CCF by J. F. Conway, reviewed by Brian Gribben, 173

  • Caring for the Low German Mennonites: How Religious Beliefs and Practices Influence Health Care by Judith C. Kulig, reviewed by Joseph B. Martin, 174

  • Sex and Death on the Western Emigrant Trail: The Biology of Three American Tragedies by Donald K. Grayson, reviewed by Jane E. Buikstra, 175

  • Transboundary Environmental Governance across the World's Largest Border ed. by Stephen Brooks and Andrea Olive, reviewed by Paul Todhunter, 176-177

  • Herping Texas: The Quest for Reptiles and Amphibians by Michael Smith and Clint King, reviewed by J. Whitfield Gibbons, 177

  • Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life by David R. Montgomery, reviewed by Rebecca Young, 177-178

  • Words of Passage: National Longing and the Imagined Lives of Mexican Migrants by Hilary Parsons Dick, reviewed by Alyshia Gálvez, 178-179

News and Notes, 180